Developers Interest In Nintendo Switch Is Increasing According To GDC State Of The Industry 2018

This year marks the sixth year of the State of the Industry Survey of Game Developers Conference, which gives everyone a taste of what developers think and prefer when designing or programming a video game. This year’s GDC State of the Industry 2018 includes some useful insight, what excited us the most though was the fact that there is a rise in the interest of developing games for the Nintendo Switch.

The GDC State of the Industry 2018 results come from responses of nearly 4000 different game developers, asking them what platform are they currently working on a project for, what will they choose in the future and so on. Last year, developers that were working on a Nintendo Switch title were at a 3% level while this year that number has reached 12%, which is a huge rise considering the Switch is a hybrid console.

What’s, even more, amazing is the fact that 1 in 3 developers have more interest in the Nintendo Switch when starting a project than any other platform. In this category, 59% chose PC as their main interest, 39% chose Playstation 4 and third comes the Nintendo Switch with 36%, leaving behind VR, Mobile gaming, and Xbox One. The GDC State of the Industry 2018 report reads about this result:

This is a big deal for Nintendo, given that in our surveys respondents typically favor PC, mobile, PS4, and Xbox One. However, this year Switch surpassed Xbox and mobile in terms of developer interest; as mentioned, 36 percent of respondents said they were most interested in the Switch, while 30 percent said smartphones/tablets and 28 percent said Xbox One/One X.

Furthermore, 46% of the developers that were asked whether they thought the Switch’s “console to handheld” concept was resonating with the public answered Yes while another 39% was still uncertain but didn’t turn down the idea of it.

Last but not least, developers were asked whether they think the Switch will outsell the Wii U. Dev confidence in the Switch (which has now sold over 10 million units) is riding high. 73 percent of respondents said yes, Switch will definitely outsell the Wii U in its lifetime, 5 percent said no way, and 22 percent said they still weren’t sure.