Destiny 2 Faction Rally Reset Winner, Rewards, and More Announced

The weekly Faction Rally Reset for Destiny 2 is announced. Once more players can turn their Reputation Tokens into Faction Engrams. Of the Three Factions: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult, New Monarchy takes control.

This is the second win for New Monarchy while Future War Cult with a nil and Dead Orbit with a single win.Bungie Tweeted, praising the Win of New Monarchy.

As part of the reset, Inverted Spire is in the game for you to tackle this time; which comes fully loaded with the modifiers –  Attrition and Timewarp.

New challenges are there for the taking; The Lava Floor, Speed of Dark, and Unbroken on top of that the Flash Points assign you with completing the Public Events On Titan,  tasking you of scraping with Vex Defenders and Cabal Conquerers.

New Lord Shaxx Milestone is there for the taking in the Tower as well.

Finally, If you have pledged to the New Monarchy Faction then you are in for a treat; for the New monarchy and its members, Bungie is offering an auto rifle “Loquitor IV” that can be theirs for 1000 glimmers but for the rest of the losing Factions and their members it is worth 50000 glimmers.

Faction Rally was a grind this week as Bungie had put a very firm limit on earning the Token Points. Over this issue, Bungie has apologized once again but is doing very little to improve its actions.

The developers are also planning for some major updates for the Game regarding the Shared-World Shooter with the first update coming forth this month. Master Armor system rolls out on January the 30th and Crimson Days coming out this February on valentines day.