Deadpool 2 Trailer to Release on Valentine’s Day – Report

It will not be long before fans finally get to enjoy the much-anticipated Deadpool 2 trailer and meet the dishonorably discharged “merc with a mouth” once again.

According to a report from Collider earlier today, sources close to the matter have confirmed that the popular character will be breaking the fourth wall when Black Panther releases in theaters on February 16.

In addition, 20th Century Fox has plans to mark the debut of the Deadpool 2 trailer a bit earlier be releasing it on Valentine’s Day. The date has significance for both Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, and the distributor because it was when the first movie officially premiered to smash the box office two years back.

The sequel will bring back some of the original cast–as well as the toilet humor–but most importantly, introduce Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers, the time travelling cybernetic mutant soldier known as Cable. The actor has previously suggested that the character will not be playing that big of a role in Deadpool 2 and a lot more will be revealed for Cable in three upcoming movies.

It was last month when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox for $52 billion. The landmark deal means that Disney can now incorporate properties such as Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and X-Men into its Marvel Cinematic Universe. In other words, Black Panther and Deadpool would now be sharing the same world. The timing is a bit too close for the companies involved to make any changes but we should see the characters merge in the future.

Deadpool 2, helmed by director David Leitch, will open in theaters on May 18, nearly two weeks earlier than what it was originally slated for.