Crew 2 Pre-Orders Being Rolled Back By Sony

The Open World Racing Game The Crew 2 that was scheduled to come through on March 16th suffered a lengthy delay and now has been postponed for an indefinite period, resulting in the orders being Rolled back on PlayStation Network (PSN).

This does not mean that it won’t come through, it only puts a delay on its release.It shall probably serve better for the Game in the Long Run.

It still does leave a dent for the community on why such a delay when even Pre-Orders have been made. On that note, Sony is automatically refunding those orders through Play Station Network (PSN).

The reason for the refund at this moment is that the game was pushed back to the first half of Ubisoft’s next financial year which could mean a delay of at least another six months.

Though there has been no legit confirmation that Microsoft or Steam will be giving out refunds for Ubisoft title. On Top of that, it is also not confirmed on whether it was Ubisoft or Sony, who actually pulled the plug for refunding the game?

Also rolling back and refunding does not put a good image to the brand name because earlier back the trailer for the game and details were revealed at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 press conference.

Now with this delay in hand, it might also come through as a loss of players in the future when it releases unless if the delayed Crew 2 makes it on the charts only then there can be a sigh of relief for developers and the players.

One can speculate that such delays are not always bad especially when it comes from Ubisoft. From the successes of Assassins Creed Origins which it self-went through a delay, resulted in giving the game an extra boost. Hence giving the developers an extra time in case of Crew 2 may serve us well.

With all that we have Assasins Creed Rouge Remastered coming in March and the Far Car 5 on March 27 which is also the result of a delay.

The Crew 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.