Anthem Release Might Be Pushed To Early 2019, “2018 Window Was Unrealistic”

Fans that were hoping that Anthem will release in late 2018 might be disappointed to find out that this may not be the case anymore. Reportedly, Anthem release might be pushed to early 2019 while BioWare will be focusing the majority of its team on it.

According to Kotaku’s sources, there’s a new Anthem release window indicating that we’ll be able to play it in early 2019. As one source claimed, Fall 2018 release window mentioned during that E3 announcement was “never realistic”. Let’s be real here, seeing such a huge title in 2018 would either mean that BioWare was working on it while working on previous projects too or that its development is rushed and that its flaws will show.

Let’s not forget that the game will first have to undergo its beta release, an EA Access launch, and all the necessary updates before its official release, so an Anthem release in 2018 is wrong either way. Kotaku’s sources also talked about the pressure of this specific project and how almost all of the BioWare team is working on it.

This isn’t the first time this happens though as BioWare follows the same patent with all other big releases like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to one BioWare developer, “if Anthem doesn’t live up to EA’s expectations, BioWare will look very different in the future, especially after the disappointment of Mass Effect Andromeda led to EA absorbing BioWare Montreal into the studio EA Motive”.

In related news, BioWare’s technical design director Brenon Holmes has hinted that we’ll see more of Anthem in the next months, probably some new gameplay footage before E3. At E3 2018 though, we’ll be able to see a new trailer maybe or some gameplay footage so don’t expect any last minute announcements about the upcoming Anthem release.

Anthem releasing in early 2019 seems like a good plan for BioWare. What do you think? Would you rather see the game get released this year?