MSI Raden RX 570 Armor MK2 Revealed, Features Full Custom Backplate

MSI is set to roll out another wave of custom RX500 graphics cards and this time MSI has revealed the MSI Raden RX 570 Armor MK2 along with a couple of images and this upcoming graphics card looks stunning.

MSI Raden RX 570 Armor MK2 coems with MSI’s new black and red design and a fancy looking backplate. Other then that no changes to the graphics card have been confirmed and clock speed for MSI Raden RX 570 Armor MK2 is still being evaluated. Currently, no release date or price has been announced by MSI.

However, one thing is for sure that this custom graphics card from MSI will feature clock speed higher compared to the reference model and probably same goes for this custom card’s price.

In related news, Dell has clarified the rumor about its XPS 15 Laptop. According to the rumor, the cheapest version of Dell XPS 15 will come with a disabled AMD GPU, however, Dell has clarified that it is not the case.

According to the company, no version of DELL XPS 15 will have disabled AMD GPU. Dell clarifying the rumor will come as a sigh of relief for the consumers looking forward to getting their hands on one of the XPS 15.

The cheapest variant of DellXPS 15 will come with a Core i5 8305G and a Radeon RX Vega M GL GPU that features 20 compute units (CUs) and 1,280Graphics Core Next GPU shaders.

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Source: Videocardz