Intel 760p Series SSDs Feature Twice The Speed And Half The Power Consumption

Intel 760p series SSDs have been revealed and they feature twice the performance and half the power consumption as compared to the previous generation of Intel SSDs. These are great for both desktops and laptops. The major selling point of these SSDs is that they are much cheaper as compared to what you have on the market. The pricing is very competitive.

Intel 760p Series SSDs

The speeds of these Intel 760p series SSDs are six times those of SATA but the pricing is pretty close. The storages devices come with 5 years warranty, which is a lot. These drives will be available in capacities up to 2 TB, which should be plenty for your gaming and creative needs.

You can check out more information and specifications below:

128 GB drive will cost you $74, you will be paying $109 for 256 GB and $199 for 512 GB. These prices are pretty competitive if you compared them to SATA storage devices. After testing these devices we have come to the conclusion that they offer quick read speeds and that the pricing is pretty great.

The only downside that I need to mention here is that the write speeds are a bit slow and that 1 TB and 2 TB versions are not out yet. If you need more storage then you will need to wait for the higher volume drives to come out. Otherwise, you could get more of the 512 GB variants, depends on your needs and how many drives you can install in your case.

We will let you know when the higher storage models come out, so stay tuned to SegmentNext in order to learn more about these storage devices.

In more news concerning Intel, Linux inventor Linus Torvalds said that the Intel Spectre patches are garbage and he had some very interesting things to say regarding the matter. One of this quotes are featured below but you can read all about what he had to say here.

The patches do things like add the garbage MSR writes to the kernel entry/exit points. That’s insane. That says “we’re trying to protect the kernel”. We already have retpoline there, with less overhead. So somebody isn’t telling the truth here. Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons. Sorry for having to point that out.

Let us know what you think about Intel 760p series SSDs and whether or not you are interested in buying these SSDs.