Destiny 2 May Lose Its Financial Grip, Add-On Revenue to Drop As Well As Player Engagement

Destiny 2 had community support when it came out but it looks the Bungie has dropped the ball. The latest revenue number may not be as positive as Activision and Bungie would like them to be. According to analyst firm Cowen and company, add-on profits as well player engagement will drop.

Destiny 2 microtransactions and multiple changes that took a controversial turn dented not only the reputation of Bungie but also hurt the franchise. Bungie has been making apologies for a number of different issues but every time they failed to do better.

The lack of an end-game, numerous controversial changes, heavy emphasis on microtransactions has caused the game to lose much of its players. Ultimately resulting in the loss of finances which may become an issue for the franchise as a whole.

Cowen stated that further dragging the game in this manner will probably hurt revenues for the franchise as a whole. Analyst Doug Creutz added that Destiny 2 seems to be on a downward path when it comes to its player base especially when compared with the Top selling Call of Duty WWII.

To make matters worse, Destiny-centric YouTube channels are moving away from the franchise.

Microtransactions have always been a turn off for the players. Who wouldn’t want free of cost updates and changes? But times are changing and as are gamers, we have to find a common ground where developers are allowed to monetize their games without affecting gameplay or content quality. But what Bungie is trying to do is milk this franchise with as little content and improvements as possible.

The lack of content is the main reason why YouTubers are moving away. Constant backlash for its microtransactions, poor development choices, and meaningless loot is expected to drop player engagement.

All in all, this mythic science fiction which is available on all major platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC, is one that many still love and see it going down in flames will be heart-wrenching for its lovers.