Call of Duty WW2 Update Fixes Major Bugs Affecting Maps and Nazi Zombies

The top selling video game Call of Duty WW2 update out now.  The update 1.9 came forward at game’s Resistance Community event to deal with a host of different bugs.  The new Call of Duty WW2 Update comprises of Health regeneration speed and Winter Carentan map rotation.

Also, the Shell Shock due to friendly explosion has been taken care off.

The developer claimed that this update covers a lot of tiny bits that are really hectic to be listed. These tinny bugs were spread all over in-game maps, Nazi Zombies, multiplayer, and User Interface. Some of the most notable changes are:

  • Integrated spectator issue fix that went live on PC. The issue is network connection dependent, however, this fix prioritizes model streaming order to eliminate the delay seen on the initial start. We will continue to monitor on all platforms for any Phase 2 fixes needed.
  • Fixed issue with equipping scorestreaks upon spawning in after dying
  • Fixed issue where when player accepts invite to HQ, game crashes with a fatal error or lost host connection
  • Fixed game crash issue in Operation Neptune
  • Fixed various console performance/lag issues with low frame rate, teleporting, delayed hit markers, and hitching
  • Sped up health regeneration
  • Removed shell shock from friendly explosions
  • Fixed issue where scrolling causes game to crash
  • Improved map voting functionality
  • Fixed unlock Token issues with split screen
  • Fixed hard crash issues occurring mid-match
  • Fixed various functionality and disconnect issues due to host migration/inactivity
  • Fixed issue where player is stuck on launcher tier after simultaneously killing self and another player with Panzerschreck
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to connect and receiving the error “Couldn’t connect to the server because the data is incompatible.”
  • Fixed various split screen functionality issues

Head over here for full patch notes.

The developers are also dealing with hackers in the game so expect more updates to roll out soon. Call of Duty WW2 is available on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.