Best PC Deals: Save $150 on GTX 1060 Laptop, $100 Off on RX 580 Pre-Built Desktop

To be honest, I personally prefer PC when playing Fortnite, Need for Speed, or other first-person shooter games. Many new games are releasing this year which means more new graphics and better gameplay is required. For that, we have selected the best PC deals we could find today.

Asus – 15.6″ Laptop – Intel Core i7

This gaming laptop is specifically used by Gamers who prefer to play first-person shooting games. The Laptop specifications include 15.6″ screen, Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 1TB Hard Drive with 128GB Solid State Drive, next Gen wireless connectivity, Bluetooth and much more.

Buy From BestBuyAsus Intel Core i7 Laptop – Save $100

Dell- Inspiron Desktop

For those who prefer to play more games online. The Dell Inspiron is the best choice for them.  It contains 16GB of RAM and AMD Ryzen 7 processor that can run any software easily, also its AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card gives a great boost to the quality of games. This Dell Inspiron gaming desktop also has a 1TB hard drive that can hold a large amount of data.

Buy From BestBuy – Dell Inspiron Desktop –  Save up to $150

Samsung HDR LED Curved 

This ultra-wide screen gives a dynamic view to the viewer, exactly as the developer had intended. The Quantum dot technology provides an immersive view of gaming and video content.

Buy From BestBuySamsung HDR LED curved –  Save $200

Destiny 2 – Windows

Now enjoy a first-person shooter game as you gathered the humanity’s scattered heroes in a final assault against an alien invasion. Discover different weapons on unexplored worlds and new amazing abilities. Save up to $20 on this game.

Buy From BestBuyDestiny 2 – Save $20

Mass Effect Trilogy 

Now enjoy all the three Mass Effect games with the Mass Effect Trilogy. Become the most elite soldier of the entire universe and face against an ancient enemy The Reapers. You can customize your own character with there appearance and skills.

Buy From Amazon –  Mass Effect Trilogy – $12.95

We also have some featured PC builds for you lots as well. Let us know in the comments what more deals you would like to come in future.