Best Nintendo 3DS Deals: Save on Samuns Edition, Super Mario, and More

If you want to play a game on the go than the Nintendo 3DS is the best machine recommended. The console is capable of displaying 3D effects even without using any 3D glasses. If you wish to grab Nintendo 3DS and some of its most popular games, here are the deals you should check out.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

This new XL 3DS is faster than the Nintendo 3DS and you can play all of the Nintendo 3DS games on it. The console has a C stick for better controlling and a built-in Amiibo functionality along with an NFC support.

Buy From AmazonNintendo New 3DS XL – $212.98

Nintendo New 3DS XL – Samus Edition

This XL console has newly added control feature along with a next Gen 3D technology. You can play all of the Nintendo DS games but the games will not appear in 3D. This new XL 3DS uses the same AC adapter as Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 2DS.

Buy From AmazonNintendo New 3DS XL Samus Edition – $215

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Now saving the princess is going to be more fun as the game has introduced new levels and a new storyline. New levels are introduced in which the Mushroom Kingdom is poured with gold coins from everywhere. You will even face special gold enemies. Collect as many coins during your adventure.

Buy From Amazon – New Super Mario Bros. 2 – $29.99

Pokemon Ultra Sun – Nintendo 3DS

Become the best Pokemon trainer in the world and uncover the mystery of the Legendary Pokemon Dusk Mane Necrozma which is the new form of Necrozma’s. Battle out with more than 400+ Pokemon in this game.

Buy From AmazonPokemon Ultra Sun Nintendo 3DS –  $33.49

Metroid: Samus Returns- Nintendo 3DS

This side-scrolling shooting game has been remade completely in which new features and abilities are introduced. The abilities utilize new energy called “Aeion”. Uncover the mysteries of the planet SR388’s and find plenty of secrets along the way.

Buy From AmazonMetroid: Samus Returns – $39.99

We also have Detective Pikachu version coming out on Nintendo 3DS this march.