“We’re Very Committed To Gaming So That’s Not Going To Change” And “We Are Nowhere Near Done”- AMD CEO Lisa Su

AMD CEO Lisa Su has managed to pull off plenty of things that we did not expect from AMD. The company has been doing pretty well under her leadership and well Raja Koduri might have left, measures have been taken in order to fill that gap.

Furthermore, AMD CEO Lisa Su talked about the future of AMD and how AMD is not everywhere, so to speak the following is that she had to say about gaming being a focus of the company.

We’re very committed to gaming so that’s not going to change, but you will see us do some more purpose-built products for the compute side of things.

In a recent interview, AMD CEO Lisa Su also said that the company had invested more in R&D in 2017 as compared to 2016 and will be investing, even more, this year as compared to the previous year. She also said that the goal is to achieve 20% growth year over year and while that is an ambitious goal, seeing how well the company is doing, that is achievable. At least in my opinion.

Nvidia is dropping support for 32-bit operating systems and AMD CEO Lisa Su was asked to comment on the matter and if AMD was thinking to do something similar. The following is what she had to say in this regard:

It is a trade-off, you know, and we do look at the fact there’s a very large legacy base that you have to validate as you go forward, but we haven’t anything specific to say on that topic at this point.


AMD CEO Lisa Su was also asked about the 25x by 2020 goal and whether or not she that thought that this depended on OEMs. Lisa Su was asked whether or not she was worried about this. The following is what she had to say in this regard:

I believe that not every partner will go extreme on 25×20, but we will get a couple of partners to really take advantage of those capabilities. In some sense it is on us to show them what we are capable. The Raven Ridge/Ryzen Mobile design was sort of like the first step, but we are nowhere near done with everything that can be done, so you are going to see that power profile get better and better as new systems come out. So yes, I am very optimistic about the whole, like I said, I am simply amazed with some of the things that you can do, or we can do with in partnership with the OEMs.

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Let us know what you think about what AMD CEO Lisa Su had to say and whether or not you are excited about there AMD is headed in 2018.