Wayne Himelsein Buys AMD Stock, Claims It Is Much More Attractive than Nvidia, Keeps Stock In Netflix

Wayne Himelsein has outperformed mutual equity fund managers in the United States and now he is making his next big move and interestingly enough, it concerns AMD stock. According to Wayne Himelsein AMD stock is more attractive as compared to Nvidia. AMD stock is now part of his portfolio and Netflix is in the mix as well.

Wayne Himelsein was able to gain 72% in Nvidia stock in a year and although that seems to be great, it is very hard to pull off as you have to keep emotions to one side when making such decisions. When the stock goes so high, people often sell off their stock. Buying more at this point would be foolish as you would be paying way more for the stock as compared to the original price that you paid for.

Wayne Himelsein’s algorithm might not give the reason why one companies stock should be preferred over the other but it eliminates the emotional aspect of the decision-making process and it has a 17-year track record. So the equation has been tried and tested and has proven to be right.

Wayne Himelsein started buying Nvidia stock when it was worth $36 back in October 2007, now it is worth $230. This is an impressive profit to say the very least. Now that AMD stock is part of the portfolio and has been selected by the algorithm it should be interesting to see what happens next.

AMD has disrupted the CPU market and has been introducing more products into the market since then. There are more products coming out that will help AMD keep that edge and it will be interesting to see how these upcoming Intel and AMD products compete with one another. You can check out upcoming AMD chips as well as AMD Vega Mobile that will be coming out in a few weeks.

On the topic of AMD stock, AMD CEO Lisa Su sold almost $1 million worth of AMD stock and you can check out more information regarding the matter here. According to AMD:

Lisa’s sales were either part of a pre-arranged stock plan that was put in place on February 8, 2017 or pursuant to an irrevocable sell-to-cover plan for her tax liability when shares vest.

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