Study: Video Games Aren’t to Blame for Real Life Violence

A recent study at the University Of York took about 3000 people in its experiment and concluded that Video Games are not the reason for violence or crime in real life. The lifelong hypothetical connection between video games and violence took a jab thanks to the new study.

The study suggested that making video games more realistic, especially, that are violent are not the prime culprit behind real-life committed violent acts.

The experiment comprised of basically two spectrums, one spectrum included a video game in which a player has to avoid crashing his car into buses whereas the other spectrum was similar in concept but involved using animals; where the player is a mouse avoiding cat.

Concluding the experiment followed a series of pictures that were shown to the subjects to analyze their behavioral changes. Images aimed to ignite a specific response time to determine whether the players have a better response in recognizing the images that relate to the previously played game.

Dr. David Zendle, a member of the Department of Computer Science at the same University, explained that the players who have been exposed to a certain type of game should be able to identify the objects that are in the game more quickly.

According to him, the result concluded otherwise to the normal belief. The players who played the car and bus game had the same response to the players who played the cat and mouse game. Hence, he concluded that there is no apparent connection or causation between the violent realist video games or real life violence.

This here may be a sigh of relief for the Video Gaming community, gamers can now feel free from the social controversy that has agitated them for quite some time now.

GTA, the all-time favorite game, has been a part of this controversy since its inception. The Game Changer a documentary drama by BBC on the Rockstar Games highlighted the same controversial issue. For this RockStar has been fighting lawsuits on censorships throughout.

So, cutting the long story short, Games like Call of duty, Postal, GTA series, MaxPayne, Man Hunt, Doom, have been a part of the controversy between realistic violent games and their influence on the gamers.

But for now, this study at York University may free some of the gamers from the ongoing controversy and give people insight that Violence in video games may not be the prime cause of Real life Crime.