New Kingdom Hearts 3 Info Talks New Worlds, Split Perspective

Some new Kingdom Hearts 3 info has been released by what appears to be a Playstation UK magazine. The magazine put forward some information about at least two new worlds (based off Disney movies Monsters Inc and Fantasia), along with a return to the split perspective between Sora and Riku.

Sora and Riku previously had a game together in the form of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, where they both went on individual journeys that players could swap between whenever the pair “dropped”, meaning that a specific meter ran out. Players could also “drop” manually.

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 info about the various worlds is also something interesting, especially considering a “worldlist” for the game was leaked a while ago. Various bits of trailer and gameplay have already been hinted at, such as the Tangled world and the Toy Story world, so a Monsters Incorporated world and a Fantasia world wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

However, despite the possibility of new Kingdom Hearts 3 info, there’s the possibility that we might be freaking out over old information: specifically, Dream Drop Distance info. That game, as said above, not only had a game mechanic where players swapped between Sora and Riku, it also had a Fantasia world in it.

While we don’t really know very much about Kingdom Hearts 3 in general yet (aside from what we’ve found out during the various trailers that information leaks that we’ve had ever since the game was announced), hopefully the Kingdom Hearts information from Playstation UK is accurate.

Hopefully the new Kingdom Hearts 3 information will all be correct, and hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 will be just as polished as every game before it, not to mention the new engine that we got a peek of with the Fragmentary Passage level, which allowed Square Enix to show off the beautiful new graphics engine and gameplay.

We still don’t have a concrete release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, but hopefully the 2018 release window will hold true.