Microsoft To Give Windows 10 Users Control Over Data Collected With New Redstone 4 Tools

Microsoft will soon give Windows 10 users the tools to lookup the data it collects with Redstone 4 tools that will be added to Redstone 4 with an upcoming update.

Microsoft will introduce new tools under Redstone 4 for Windows 10 users to check the data the operating system is collecting that will be sent over to Microsoft. These new Redstone 4 tools will be called “Diagnostic data viewer and Delete diagnostic data” and will be available in new “Diagnostics & feedback” section.

Microsoft has been criticized for spying on its users by collecting their data, however, the company has denied the allegations on many occasions saying that it collects only “Telemetry Data” that the company uses to fix bugs and improve the user experience.

As the name suggests, “Diagnostic data viewer” will allow Windows 10 users to review the “Telemetry Data” that the OS has collected and will be sent over to Microsoft. The other option, “Delete diagnostic data” will allow users to delete the data before it is sent.

Currently, these Redstone 4 tools are available as placeholders in Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 17063 and 17074, however, are reported to go live before the Redstone 4 sprig update.

Not only that, Microsoft will also allow users to access the dictionary generated by Microsoft by tracking the user’s keystrokes. Users will be able to clear out the dictionary and can also see all the items which have been recorded by the OS.

These Redstone 4 tools will essentially give the users ability to control what collected data is sent to Microsoft and which is not. This action will take off some pressure of the “spying on its Users” criticism that the company has been facing from time to time.

What do you think of these new tools to be introduced to the OS? Is Microsoft really giving users the control over the data that is collected? Let us know in the comments.

Source: ZDNet