The Latest PS4 Hack (4.05) May Cause Future Compatibility Issues, PS2 Emulation Made Possible

PS4 hack for version 4.05 is out now and it opens the floodgates of pirates gunning for Sony’s machine. A new hacking tool called PS4HEN came out that modifies the console at the software level to run homebrew apps. It turned your PS4 console into a dev kit, essentially, but what does this mean for the end user?

Well, it didn’t mean anything at the time and we could only say that it can potentially be modified to actually hack PlayStation 4 to run pirated games; which seemed to be the end goal of hackers right now. Now, thanks to a new tool called PKG Kitchen games like Grand Theft Auto V, Uncharted 4, and others are being dumbed online for the end user to play but the process is very complicated and could harm your system. Anything below version 4.05 is now vulnerable to the fake PKG creator that uses PS4HEN to do its dirty work.

It is a major leap forward in terms of piracy on PS4 and now, it is only a matter of time before we hear about more pirated games running on PS4.

Is Running PS4 Hack Safe?

Well, right now we don’t have enough information to say whether or not it is safe to run this but our money is on it not being safe. PS3 and Xbox 360 hacks were out after a couple of years in the market and they did cause some systems to break, especially machines that were modified at the hardware level. For now, we do not recommend you use PS4HEN or PKG Kitchen as they can potentially harm your machine.

If you are looking to play free games, there are plenty available on the PSN. Still, if you wish to hack your machine, we would suggest waiting until there is more information available on the internet and hacks are more stable.

Running PS2 Games on the PS4

While there are a limited amount of hacked PS4 games available to play right now; hackers are using PS4HEN to dump and boot PS2 games onto PS4 to boost their hacked library. From our understanding, pretty much every PS2 game can be played on the PS4. Hackers found a PS2 emulator hidden within the PS4 firmware and used PS4HEN to modify the software run dumbed PS2 games on PS4.

Sony is yet to release a statement regarding the situation but one thing needs to be kept in mind, hacking your PS4 will void its warranty and you will not be able to sell your machine at local retailers. Moreover, even removing the hack can cause future compatibility issues.