BioWare Talks About Anthem And APIs, And The Combat Is In Good Hands

BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem is still in the planning stages and we haven’t gotten any gameplay other than last year’s E3, but combat apparently looks good and BioWare is mulling over the possibility of Anthem and APIs to make it easier for players to customize their gear in the game.

The suggestion came from the game’s subreddit, where a user suggested that BioWare use open API in order to allow players to customize their inventory and loadouts, without ever having to access any sort of in-game vault before a mission.

Considering how Anthem’s most likely competitor Destiny handles that (players only have a certain amount of inventory space and have to store the rest in vaults, making sure they have the “right” weapons before they undertake a raid or a Nightfall), Anthem and APIs being emphasized as a significant feature might lure in crowds from Destiny who want a less finicky (or at least more streamlined) method of gear-swapping.

Brennon Holmes, a BioWare employee, responded to the suggestion by saying that they were looking into that, meaning that players might find it a lot more easy to fit out their Javelins before undertaking a mission.

Along with Anthem and APIs, Holmes responded that the game’s combat looks very good as well, and that the game’s Lead Gameplay Designer Chris King has a lot of experience with combat design and how the game feels.

Anthem’s initial E3 showing ran into a much-criticized method of showing off the game, mainly with developers pretending to be players (a tactic that has previously been used with The Division before it came out), and accusations of the game being staged. Hopefully the game’s next showing will go well and actually get players excited.

BioWare definitely needs a good game to get back into people’s good graces after Mass Effect Andromeda, so we’ll have to see how Anthem turns out when it releases sometime this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.