AMD And Nvidia Need To Step Up Their Game From Mere Requests To Taking Meaningful Actions

Cryptocurrency mining has not only skyrocketed the GPU prices special the high-end ones but also, has created a shortage of AMD and Nvidia GPUs in the market. With Nvidia requesting retailers to sell GPUS to gamers instead of cryptocurrency miners it will be a while before we see prices dropping for GPUs that is if retailers act on Nvidia’s request under ideal situations.

However, just requesting retailers is not the ideal way to go about this situation as if not given proper attention, this could cause the PC gaming community moving on to alternatives if they don’t get their hands on the GPUs and close to their expected prices.

Nvidia and AMD need to do more than just requesting retailers. To put things into perspective that how this shortage and price hike can and already is affecting not only gamers but also the manufacturers of motherboards, processors, HDD and RAM, here is a small scenario explained by Shrout Research’s Ryan Shrout.

“With availability consumed by the cryptocurrency mining market, there is little chance for any PC gamer to find a graphics card in stock, let along close to the expected price point. Because of that, many enthusiasts and DIY builders are putting off system builds and upgrades completely, setting up an unfortunate situation for all other component vendors from processors to motherboards to storage.”

Furthermore, this is not the first time PC gaming community has faced a situation as it is today due to Cryptocurrency mining. Back in 2013 and last year, the industry saw a similar situation.

Point being that Cryptocurrency mining is not sustainable as these buyers stop purchasing GPUs once there is no profit in mining the digital currency. On the other hand, PC gaming community is always looking to upgrade their hardware to keep up with the demanding games.

If Nvidia and AMD don’t do something about it, they risk losing customers to short-term gains in from cryptocurrency miners or to console gaming with console such as Xbox One X offering high-end 4K gaming experiences.

With that being said, both Nvidia and AMD need to step up their game in order to get things back to normal, which are getting the stock in the market to meet the demand and making them available close to their expected prices.

To achieve this Nvidia and AMD can take certain steps which are as follows.

Working Closely With Retailers
The first step would be working closely with retailers to make sure no person is able to buy more than one GPU for the time being and this will not be accomplished by a mere request to retailers.

Introducing New Line Of GPUs Specific For Cryptocurrency Mining
Both AMD and Nvidia can introduce a new series of graphics card in the market that provides better performance when it comes to mining the digital currency.

What it will do is take the pressure off the consumer level GPUs making the gaming GPUs easily accessible in the market and in turn returning the prices to normal.

Restricting Cryptocurrency Mining
Nvidia and AMD can also limit the GPUs capabilities for mining the digital currency through a firmware patch. This will cause the miners to look for alternatives such as GPUs Specific For Cryptocurrency Mining, which is if Nvidia and AMD decide to design.

I think with only these steps, Nvidia and AMD will be able to control the situation and secure its long-term customers which are the PC gamers and enthusiasts. Both companies need to make sure that situation such as this doesn’t come up in the future and Cryptocurrency mining has its ups and downs.

Downs will not affect the demand, as for the ups, we are already witnessing what kind of situation it creates.

Do you think GPU manufacturers need to step up their game to ensure the accessibility of GPUs in the market? Is there any other way of restricting the Cryptocurrency miners? Let us know in the comments.