Westworld Season 2 Filming Concludes, Premier Set for This Spring?

Following a few unprecedented delays last year, several members of the cast and crew have confirmed that production for the much-awaited Westworld Season 2 has finally concluded.

Taking to Instagram on the weekend, a member from the visual effects team shared the following snap of a clapper board. The given text pretty much lays it out that filming for all ten episodes has been wrapped up. The recorded footage will now be handed over to the post-production team for the final touches.

“That’s a wrap on my first show in a new city,” the caption reads. “Excited for everyone to see the epic next chapter our showrunners put together.”

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Those following the production timeline for the critically acclaimed science fiction television show would know that the road has not been easy. Filming had to be halted in November after Zahn McClarnon, who plays Fargo, suffered an injury off the set. Just a month after, the entire set was exposed to the devastating wildfires of California. Filming only resumed once the safety of everyone could be guaranteed.

There is still no official word on when Westworld Season 2 will start premiering. We do know that it is sometime this year and because filming has ended, it should be soon. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores, previously revealed that the new season should begin airing on HBO in Spring. This was narrowed down last week to April by Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard Lowe.