Top 10 Remasters That We Think Deserve A Chance

The Dark Souls Remastered version will be with us very soon. To celebrate the return of one of the greatest games of the modern times, we look back at Top 10 Remasters We Want to See.

Many games were amazing to play but their time has long since passed us by and they are unable to keep up with the frantic demands of the current gaming generation. A remaster for these games will allow them to update the graphics and add certain features to make their game feel much better and intriguing to the new community. Our Top 10 remasters list will take a look at some of the best games that were released over the course of the last two years, and see how a remaster would be perfect for the current state of the industry.

Remasters We Are Hoping For!

Our Top 10 Remasters list is no particular order and shows our own personal opinion on which games were amazing and would be awesome for a remaster. Let’s take a look at the games and briefly explain why we think that the games should be remade by the developers, and perhaps what they could add to make the games more interesting.

Fallout 3

Fallout games have generally been really amazing. All of the games have had amazing reception and a dedicated community which has religiously played them. Fallout 3 was the real breakthrough of the series which caused a massive uproar due to it being a generally well-rounded game.

Perhaps they could also have the New Vegas to go along with the game for a complete package. A fully fleshed re-release of the game would definitely draw in newer fans into the Fallout series who want to start the series from a little farther back in the storyline.

Simpsons: Hit and Run

The game was incredibly simplistic and incredibly fantastic. The design of the town was sensational and the story was absolutely hilarious. A Simpsons game with modernistic graphics would easily draw in a crowd as the show has a cult following. But it would also open up the newer gamers to the simple pleasures of roaming around in Springfield and doing Homer stuff.

Any Streets of Rage

This Sega classic definitely needs to be played by the newer generations. All 3 games in the series are considered equally good and each fan seems to have formed his or her opinion on which game transcends the series. It would definitely be a blast if we could roam the streets and rage all over our enemies. We just hope that if they do it, then they keep the two player mode in it.

Mass Effect

The first game in the series though was ambitious beyond belief and managed to deliver on what it promised. A new, updated version of the original iteration of the series would be the bounce back that the series needs to get in touch with its fanbase once again.

Tony Hawk Underground

One of my personal favorite games of all time, Tony Hawk was everything that anyone who yearned to skate in real life but did not have the means to do so played. Skating over ceilings and then dropping down to the ground floor while performing a manual really made the person feel special.

Just imagine how amazing it would be if we could do all of the things that we did back then in VR. I just hope that we do not see people faint as they jump down from the rooftops.


Perhaps it is time to once again show to the world what next generation graphics look like. Crysis has always been famous for revamping the graphics and setting a standard for a host of other games to follow. The singleplayer campaign was also quite fun which added fuel to the fire.

Perhaps they could add stuff to the multiplayer mode to make it better, as it was not that much fun. Adding a multiplayer feature which works well with the game could make the remastered Crysis a commercial success which stays in business for at least a few years. As the gameplay was already quite good as far as we remember it.

The Sims

No Top 10 Remasters list would be complete without this. There is a decent case to make for The Sims being one of the best casual games of all time. This was the original second life, and people played it for years and years.

There have been many new iterations in the series, but it would be amazing if we could get to play the original 2000 version with updated graphics. Nothing new needs to be added, just the visuals alone will make this game worth playing. The second game would also be a good remaster, but the first one was where it all began. The simple concept of the first one and the little bit of unrealism would make it perfect for the modern world where everyone is trying to be as realistic as possible.

Warcraft III

This is the game that brought forth the original DOTA. However, many people forget how amazing the game was on its own as well. The amazing maps and the complex mechanics made this game a great competitor to Starcraft on its own.

Updating the graphics of this game will probably make at least half of the DOTA hardcore community buy it, let alone the other sales that the game will make due to its legendary name and almost perfect gameplay. Definitely a title whose reputation precedes it, it needs to be remastered.

God Hand

This game is known for its difficulty, and it can easily be compared with Dark Souls and the like. The thing about this game was that the better you manage to perform at it, the more difficult it would become as the time rolled on.

Other plus points of this game were its combat system, which was smooth and skill based. The humor was also quite nice, sort of like the one you see in Family Guy. This is a game which does not have anything like it on the market currently, and a remaster would definitely sell quite well.

Crash Team Racing

To end out Top 10 Remasters list, we have Crash Team Racing. This original PlayStation classic is the definition of arcade racing. Just look at the trailer, all of the smiles and the goofiness that embodied it have still not become cringe-worthy so many years later. Crash Bandicoot can be considered one of the first mascots of the PlayStation, and the game was a perfect answer to Nintendo’s Mario Kart.

The game had graphics much better than its competition when it was revealed, and if the developers somehow managed to do that once again with the technology of the PS4, then it will be able to compete with some of the arcade racers available on the Nintendo Switch for sure.

Those are our Top 10 Remasters We Want to See! What are some of your favorite games that you would like to see remastered? Let us know through the comments section below!