The Possibility Of Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay Remains (Discussion)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most anticipated releases of this year. The original game was so good that people can barely wait for the sequel to be released so that they can once again wander the western wildlands as they embrace the lawlessness of the wretched time.

The game was originally scheduled sometime near 3 months from now. 3 months is a really short time if you consider this from the company’s point of view. There are a lot of things that you have to worry about such as how to protect the servers from overloading, advertise the game properly, and make sure the game is playable at the time of release.

The release date was initially set on Jun. 8, 2018 by Coolshop, which is a Danish retailer. They accurately predicted the release of the GTA 5 next-gen release to 5 days. This does not mean that they are one hundred percent right but it does seem like Coolshop is good with the release dates of Rockstar Games, and perhaps they have an inner source.

However, we are less than 5 months from release day and there does not seem to be anything to show for how far along the development of the game has come. Last time when Rockstar announced the delay, they released a bunch of screenshots to make up for the atrocity that they had committed. For now, we can feel hopeful in the fact that we have not seen any new screenshots from the developers.

However, what really worries us is the fact that we have not yet seen anything from the developers. There should have been something released to hype up the game and make the fans expect something amazing. It would have been awesome to have some videos of the gameplay or even an actual trailer of the game.

All that we have seen of the game so far is the teaser trailer. The short footage shows almost nothing of the game, and all we can do so far is speculate. This makes Red Dead Redemption 2 an extreme wildcard as we have literally no idea what to expect.

It would be extremely nice to have a preview of the game along with some interviews with the developers. It would also be extremely nice to have some information about the game mechanics and the story. But all we can feast on are the rumors and the tiny leaks that Reddit investigators were able to find.

All of this means that either Rockstar is going to go on a massive media frenzy prior to the release of the game, or they are going to delay the game further. As we are not cretins and are aware of how massive games companies operate, chances are that the game will be further delayed. It could be only a quarter or it could be pushed all the way back to early 2019.

We know that the developers Take-Two always try to release a game that is perfect. They probably do not want to release a subpar product. We should probably expect the full GTA 5 treatment when the game is about to be released. We can expect the Billboards, the Forum posts, the lengthy trailers and the graffiti in cities as the game’s release date draws near.

In my personal opinion, Rockstar is probably trying to perfect the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 which is why it is taking so long. A game which is primarily built around single player would be exceptional if it could also have an amazing online mode.

When GTA 5 was delayed, Rockstar explained what caused the delay for the game. We should expect the same with Red Dead Redemption 2, provided it gets delayed of course. All that matters to me though is that whenever the game comes out, it is worth playing and that we can have the same fun with it as we did with the original iteration of the series.

Of course, we should wait for the official announcement until we say anything is set in stone. However, it does seem like Red Dead Redemption 2 will be delayed due to the facts and the rumors that we have seen and heard so far. Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!