New Gran Turismo Sport Update May Add 10 New Cars, Which Ones?

Kaz Yamauchi, producer of Gran Turismo Sport, Tweeted something that is music to the ears of the fans of Gran Turismo. Kaz Yamauchi said that the new Grand Turismo Sport update is coming this week.

On the other hand, uncontrollable fans of the game, speculate the update to contain at least 10 new cars. This speculation is because the producer Yamauchi made a poking Tweet for the game out of nowhere. We all know what that could mean!

Those cars identified by the fans include Ferrari 330 P3, Jaguar XJ13, Ford GT40 in top category, Ferrari 308 GTS, First Generation Viper, F1, Toyota 2000GT in the middle category and Toyota FT1, MK4 Supra, Lamborghini Diablo in the bottom category. With that said, take this information with a pinch of salt, for now, nothing has been confirmed in this regard by the developers. However, we will keep you posted.

Still, we all know, that for some a new Gran Turismo Sport update would only pass as an update if it either introduces new Cars or new racing Tracks. Though the basic expectation as of now is bug fixes and some minor improvements that may counter most the issues with the game.

The new Gran Turismo update is coming later this week but a final release day is yet to be confirmed.

Gran Turismo Sport was originally going to release back in November 2016. However, due to negative player feedback developer took more time, delaying the game to October 2017. Gran Turismo Sport released late last year and saw over 1 million players in the before ahead of its release.

Gran Turismo Sport is available on PS4 and PS4 Pro.