Metal Gear Survive Beta Graphics Comparison, Is PS4 Pro Version Better Than Xbox One X?

Metal Gear Survive is coming to PC and console along with the mid-gen upgrades PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and with the game’s beta recently taking place, many took the opportunity to compare the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of Metal Gear Survive beta.

As you can see the comparison of Metal Gear Survive beta in the video below, both are running the game in 4K mode. As for the texture quality, both versions of Metal Gear Survive beta are the same.

However, of the two, PS4 Pro version looks better compared to the Xbox One X version. That might be due to the fact that PS4 Pro version of the beta has better colors.

Also, one thing that is definitely better in the PS4 Pro version is the shadow quality, as you can see in the video that shadows in Xbox One X version of the game are low resolution compared to the PS4 Pro version.

However, given that it is just a beta things will be a bot different in the final version and probably the Xbox One X version of the game will be on par with the PS4 Pro version.

Metal Gear Survive is the first game following the departure of Hideo Kojima from the franchise and obviously, the game is not in the good graces of the hardcore Metal Gear Solid fans. However, according to producer Yuji Korekado, the upcoming Metal Gear game is unlike any Metal Gear game that has released.

The game retains the stealth action that has made the series such a success and adds new gameplay elements – including survival. The result is a Metal Gear title unlike any before

He added that the game retains the stealth-action genre which is a staple of the franchise and combines them with new elements that make Metal Gear Survive a unique entry in the franchise.

Also, the game requires a constant internet connection to play. The confirmation that Metal Gear Survive needs always online connection comes from the game’s final box art which reveals that the game requires an internet connection to be played.

Metal Gear Survive is a co-op survival action game and it will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in February 2018.