Legendary Overwatch Skins On The Way! Includes A Shiny New Golden Pharah

The developers over at Blizzard have been hyping up Overwatch’s cosmetic update for quite some time. Fans have been eagerly waiting for their champions to receive their legendary makeovers.

There is news for fans to rejoice though. Earlier today, the official Overwatch twitter account tweeted out a short video of their brand-new skin. Known as the ASP Pharah, this is a new legendary skin which dazzles the player with its bright gold color scheme.

The animations we got to see were sensational, we see Pharah jumping up and then smash down on the ground. But before she can wreak havoc, the video cuts out and is replaced by the Overwatch logo, leaving us guessing on what the actual effect of Pharah striking the ground will be.

The unanimous decision by players and critics alike is that the skin is amazing, and that has been mirrored in the response that the Overwatch development team has received after revealing the short teaser of ASP Pharah.

Upon opening the Twitter Page of Overwatch, you can see streams of fans praising the new cosmetics making their way into the game, praising everything from the looks to the animations.

Overwatch has already mentioned how they plan to introduce more than 100 new gear items in 2018. With the fantastic job done by them in 2017, it is not difficult to imagine that this will be an amazing year for new Overwatch content.

There will be new skins, icons, sprays and emotes for all 26 of the heroes currently available to the players. This will appeal to all factions of the community and definitely help keep the player base interested in Overwatch through the course of the year.

This comes right on time as the Overwatch League is finally underway where you can watch some of the world’s best teams face each other in an extremely competitive environment. If you want to check out all of the skins and player icons in chibi-versions of your favorite heroes, then head on to the official Overwatch website.

You can also check out some of the previously released Overwatch skins to see how far the developers have come since they first started.

What are your thoughts on the new Overwatch skins? Let us know using the comments section below!