Intel Gemini Lake Based Mini-ITX Motherboards Revealed By Gigabyte And ASRock

Gigabyte has revealed its new line of mini-ITX motherboards, Intel Gemini Lake based J/N series motherboards, which come with built-in Intel Celeron or Pentium Silver processor. These Gigabyte Gemini Lake Motherboards replace the previous Gigabyte Apollo Lake Motherboards.

These Gigabyte Gemini Lake Motherboards will feature Intel Pentium Silver, Celeron J, and Celeron N lines of the Intel processor. However, Gigabyte has not shared any specific specifications about the processors.

Gigabyte Gemini Lake Motherboard feature fan-less cooling solution and the built-in Intel Gemini Lake processors make these motherboards a perfect match for a compact build.

As for the features, Gigabyte Gemini Lake Motherboards support HDMI 2.0 which can output up to 4K at 21:9 resolution for high definition video. Furthermore, these boards will support integrated PCIe Gen2 x2 M.2 slots which supports NVMe SSD that will give its users a fast data transfer speed.

In terms of networking, the board has a built-in Intel WIFI via the M.2 Connector, however, the board also supports Intel CNVi wireless solution for fast wireless connectivity that has the potential to exceed 1 gigabit/s which is traditionally found in wired connections.

Furthermore, these Gigabyte Motherboards support M.2 SATA SSD and support DDR4 memory for up to 2400MHz. According to Gigabyte:

Following the announcement of the newest Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors, GIGABYTE developed a series of motherboards that truly reflects our excellent ability to combine the best of motherboard technology with Intel processor architecture.

Now, compared to the previous Apollo Lake Motherboards, these Intel Gemini based boards offer decode support for 10-bit HEVC and VP9 video codecs. This is quite important for those who like to play certain HDR content using their HDMI 2.0 ports.

When it comes to the performance these motherboards will provide the best performance for light home and office workloads, however, these motherboards are not the power users.

With that being said Gigabyte’s Apollo Lake Motherboards offered quite a performance and we would love to benchmark these Intel Gemini Lake Motherboards so that we can determine how much of a performance boost these boards provide compared to their previous iteration. Also, no release date or price has been announced Gigabyte for these upcoming motherboards.

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