Final Heroes Guide – Heroes, Special Skills, Best Formation, Star Tiles (Tips and Tricks)

Final Heroes is an RPG which tries to fuse reality with fantasy. All of the fairy tales that you heard as a child will now be liveable as you play Final Heroes. However, there is a decent learning curve as the game fuses traditional base building elements into the team RPG style which is where our Final Heroes Guide comes in.

This Final Heroes Guide will tell you about everything that you need to get started with the game. We will also give you numerous tips and tricks which will help you at the start when you are not aware of a lot of the things that are happening in the game.

Getting Started with Final Heroes – Final Heroes Guide

Start up the game and wait for it to load all of the tables and other stuff. After this, you have to choose a login option that suits you. This is good because you can then continue the game from any computer that you choose to play the game at.

If you do not feel like sharing your information then choose the guest log-in option. Before we move on to the next part of the guide, it will be good to read the Official Final Heroes Guide as it will help you understand some of the game’s extremely basic terms.

Final Heroes Tips and Tricks

Choose the server closest to you, as it will give you the best ping. After this, you should select one of the main characters that are available to you at the start. There are only two characters available to you at the start. The male one has Heavy Armor which excels in melee combat as he has a Two-Handed Sword and muscular powers to go along with it.

The female warrior has Light Armor and not much attack but is very good in moving quickly between targets. Choose a name which is recognizable to players around the globe so that you can easily identify your friends and vice versa.

Defeating Algor and Special Skills
You will face Algor at the start. Try to get the Final Heroes hack, as it will give you a lot of Diamonds which will be very useful to you as you move on in the game.

You must activate your Special Abilities. The combat in the game is very simple and a lot of the stuff is done by the AI on its own. You can set the formation and then you can understand when to use your Special Skill at the perfect time for maximum effect.

This is where the Diamonds come in, you need as many Special Skills and as many heroes as possible on your roster if you want to survive for a long time. The Diamonds make this very easy as you can acquire a fair amount of heroes from them.

Save your Heroes and Upgrade
These two things are very important! Even if your heroes escape with a tiny bit of health, you will get three stars as long as all of them survive. This way you will get better rewards from the game. You can only open some of the rewards if you get a 3 star in each level of the chapter, so remember to ensure that your heroes do not die.

Queue your upgrades before you go on an adventure. Upgrading is very important, even more so when you need a long time to complete the upgrades. Remember to queue them, as they will continue to upgrade while you are on your adventure.

In games like this, you need as much stuff as you can get your hands on. Try to complete as many quests as you can to get the rewards. They will probably give you a fair amount of diamonds which is a premium currency and generally not available for cheap.

Ensure that your formation is balanced! All of the heroes have certain strengths and weaknesses. Try to ensure that heroes which are better in the backline stay in the backline. Your team should not have a bunch of squishy mages not should it have a lot of slow-moving melee heroes which will be gunned down by the mages before they can break the frontline. Try to find balance, as that is how you get victories the quickest.

Star Tiles
Star Tiles will make your heroes stronger. You will need some materials for this so do not be afraid to go out and face the campaign levels. Improve all six of the tiles to get a new Talent Star which will increase the stats of a hero. Tap on the blue arrow next to the material to find out where a particular material can be found to make things easier for you.

That is all we have for our Final Heroes Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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