Dark Nights: Metal Could Have Featured an Evil Batman That Was Accused of Killing His Parents

Dark Nights: Metal is a crossover miniseries from DC Comics that pits seven evil Batman versions against the original. They are known as Dark Knights, and hail from a multiverse to take on the form of the Justice League members. What fans are unaware of is that there were initially nine Dark Knights on the drawing board.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, writer Scott Snyder briefly revealed a few alternate dark versions of the popular character that had to be scrapped from the final product.

There was an anti-hero Batman with “killer looks” that is assumed to be based on Red Hood, the former Robin that had zero qualms about executing criminals for the greater good. This evil rendition was surprisingly deemed to be not dark enough and was cut out in the end.

There was then an evil Batman that delved in the dark arts, possibly a reflection of the magician Zatanna Zatara. She grew up with Bruce Wayne and the two even considered to come closer at one point. However, the nightlife for Batman convinced her that it would not work out in the long run.

There was another concept laid out on the table, one that fans might have wanted the most from all of them. This evil Batman grew up to hate Gotham after he was accused of killing his parents in the alley. In addition, there was one where he merged with all of his villains to become a terrifying character unlike anything the city has ever seen.

Dark Nights: Metal features six issues and will wrap up in March. The miniseries has received a critical response and is one that fans should be reading as soon as possible.