Battalion 1944 Preview – A Return To The Glory Days

Less than 10 days are left until the Early Access release of Battalion 1944. As a cult follower of COD 4: Promod, I could not be more excited! The closed beta goes live in a few hours and it will be amazing to see what the team has done to make the game feel like a classic shooter.

As we wait for the beta, the developers of the game have been extremely talkative as to their vision of the game, and the numerous alpha tests along with the one closed beta test that has taken place so far have released quite a bit of information about the game. So let’s take a look at some of the mechanics and how they are shaping up as we near the release of Early Access.

What We Are Looking Forward To In Battalion 1944

Before we start, it is important to point out that Battalion 1944 tries to imitate the feel of the classic shooters such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 2. It is meant to be a competitive shooter which does not rely on realism as a core component of its gameplay. The main purpose of the game is to ensure balanced gameplay between two teams who are competing to win, rather than have a game which is enjoyable to the casual player.

Movement in Battalion 1944

According to the developers, by far the most important task that they had to undertake was ensuring that the movement of the game came out right. The intuitive feel for the movement that you had in the FPS games of old will be copied over to Battalion 1944. The developers have introduced multiple updates for the movement mechanics of the game ever since the Alpha 0.1 was released.

During the beginning, strafe jumping was overly powerful and it literally felt like you were flying around the map. This made the game very unbalanced as people would just hop around the corners and use the online peeker’s advantage to destroy their opposition.

This was soon fixed as people gave their constant feedback on the issues that were plaguing the game. Strafe jumping distance was decreased and there were certain limitations implemented which tried to make the pace of the game like it was in the olden days, rather than have a game which was essentially Unreal Tournament or Quake 3.

We can expect the developers to keep on tweaking the game and making the movement mechanics better and better with each update. When the game hits early access and the player base multiplies significantly, we can expect even more feedback which will help Bulkhead Interactive.

Because if there is one thing that the developers have proven ever since the advent of the first Alpha release, it is that they highly value user feedback and use it to ensure that their game is as satisfactory as it can be.

Battalion 1944’s Classes

Even though the game is a tribute to the classic shooters of the last decade, it tries to innovate on those ideas and tries to forgo all of the negatives so as to make the game have a modern feel.

One of the ways that they have done this is by having multiple classes inside of the game. There are a lot of different classes ranging from the default to the rifle to the heavy to the sniper. All of these classes are unique in their own way and have many ways to differentiate them from one another.

One of the things is the speed that the player changes depending on which weapon you have. This is good because this will allow the different roles to have a different playstyle.

The classes are very good because they will help try to add some sort of depth to the competitive game mode, which was one of the things that the original Call of Duties lacked. There is also an economic system which we will be discussing and telling you about as we move on to the later sections of the preview.

From the information that we have about the classes, we know that there will be a default class which will feature a semi-automatic rifle, a fragmentation grenade along with a smoke. That is one other thing that is different about the classes.

The classes have a unique amount of utility for you to use. This will make the competitive game modes very interesting as it will make teams work together to see if they can take a risk with having less utility in their arsenal in exchange for more power and vice versa.

The classes system of the game is quite intriguing as it is, but it becomes even better as soon as you look at their competitive game mode and the economy system that the developers are introducing into the game.

Wartide – Battalion’s Competitive Game Mode

I, along with probably everyone else who was waiting for the game expected the competitive game mode of Battalion 1944 to be the same as the one we saw in the earlier CODs. The one which had 2 assaults, 2 submachine gunners and 1 sniper playing on each team with a Meta which stayed consistent throughout the tenure of the games and was only changed slightly in each era.

However, an interview with one of the developers revealed their plans for their competitive mode a few months ago when they told us that they would be introducing an economic system to the game. I was quite apprehensive at first, as I feared that the game would be heading into a more Counter-Strike like direction since the economy was popularized by the CS franchise almost 2 decades ago.

However, the economy system that is used in Battalion 1944 is quite amazing. There is quite a different edge to it and it is quite innovative in its own right. The system is used in the Wartide game mode. Wartide is the game’s competitive mode which will be released a week after the game’s Early Access release date on February 8th.

The basic concept of Wartide is quite similar to the Search and Destroy or the Bomb Defuse game mode. There is an attacking team which tries to plant the bomb and there is a defending team which tries to defend it. If the bomb is planted, then the defending team has a limited amount of time to defuse it.

Wartide has all of the aforementioned, but now there is the added concept of economy. The economy works around the game using cards. Each class has a card and each time has a set number of cards for each class. Once you use a card, you get the class weapon and the utility in exchange for the card.

This means that a team has to manage its cards to ensure it has a good arsenal for each round. The only way to increase cards is to pick them up from fallen enemies or to retrieve the card from a fallen teammate. This not only adds a new layer to the gameplay but also increases the depth of strategy involved as well, since players can learn to play around different cards which have fallen onto the map.

There is, however, the default class. It has a standard semi-automatic weapon with 8 bullets in a magazine. It also has a smoke and a grenade, along with unlimited cards for each team. This is sort of like the save mechanic, as players who want to hunt for enemy cards could use this class and hopefully salvage a couple of cards to get a decent group of weapons in the next round.

Things get really interesting once you find out that many of the rifles can actually one shot the opponent if you get a headshot, even the default one. This is by no means a new mechanic, as the entirety of the CS aiming mechanic is based on headshots. However, what this does allow players to do is to have a decent chance no matter what the state of the economy is.

A person using the M1Grand may be able to take out a sniper at long range if his or her aim is good enough to get a headshot before the sniper can fire a shot. This makes the game mode very balanced but at the same time very unforgiving if you make mistakes.

As more details about the Wartide mode surface, I become more and more excited as I realize that this could finally be the game that has the mechanics and pacing which made me fall in love with games in the first place. It will also be perhaps the first and the last chance that popular shooters of the previous decade get to try and compete with the modern games.

One thing is for sure, this game has been incredibly hyped up and the only way this can now go wrong is if the developers somehow stray from the trajectory that they have religiously followed up to this point.

That was our Battalion 1944 Preview. Let us know your thoughts about the game and which feature you are looking forward to in the comments section below!