Dark Souls Remastered – Everything You Need To Know Before You Cry

Perhaps one of the most hyped up games in the market right now, everyone is anxiously awaiting Dark Souls Remastered. For a multitude of reasons, Dark Souls was an amazing game and the remastered version is probably going to be equally successful as the first one.

There is not a lot of information available to us as of right now, so we decided to compile everything that we know about Dark Souls Remastered in one place to make it easy for our readers to get the adequate knowledge about the game.

Dark Souls Remastered Is On Its Way! Everything You Need to Know

Ever since the game has been confirmed by the developers. The hype train has been insane. There was a massive cult following of the original Dark Souls and the fans of the franchise cannot wait for the new version to come about. Let’s take a look at what we know about the game and how is the game shaping up to release day.


Dark Souls Remastered is releasing on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC for sure. It was quite obvious that the game will harness the newer generation machines for the graphics update that they are going to perform, but what was quite surprising was the announcement of the Nintendo Switch version.

It will be interesting to see how the game utilizes the lesser processing power of the switch and its adaptability to create an amazing game for the users. Many games have released smaller versions of their games for the switch successfully and we hope that owners of the Switch are able to experience the complete game.

Resolution and Pricing

Dark Souls Remastered will support full 1080p for all of the consoles including Nintendo Switch. However, when you are in handheld mode then the game will automatically scale down to 720p so as to ensure smooth 30 FPS when inside of the game. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will have 1080p along with an upscaled 4K version as well.

The PC, as expected, will have native 4K support and is perfect for seeing the amazing graphics that the game will have. As for the pricing, the game will cost $40 for all of the consoles.

DLCs and Online Component

The original DLCs of the game were sold separately. However, the remastered version will include all of the DLCs that were released for the original game upon release. This is a good step as it shows that the game is not just a money grab and that players will be able to get the complete Dark Souls experience upon release of the game.

The online mode in the original Dark Souls only supported up to four players. The remastered version does not take things too far but it does allow for up to six different players to play together, which is a small step up from the original version.


The multiplayer will feature both PvE and PvP gameplay, but the possibility of cross-platform play between the consoles and the PC has been ruled out by the developers. However, the password matchmaking system that was included in Dark Souls 3 will be making a return in the new game, perhaps to keep the fans interested in the game for longer.

Dedicated servers will be making an entry into Dark Souls for the first time. You will not have to utilize that laggy peer-to-peer networks and will be able to harness the power of an actual, proper server which will make online experience much smoother in everything from combat to summoning and invading.

The second half of the game will not be fixed, as it was believed to be a little bit tedious. The game is staying true to its original roots, and that can be both a good and a bad thing at times.

The developers believe that the success of the original Dark Souls was justified in the coding of the game and are focusing on upgrading the lighting, textures and the environments included in the game rather than changing the actual story or the gameplay.

What We Hope To See In Dark Souls Remastered

As for our personal wish, we hope that we can easily relocate some of the stats. A lot of the new players foolishly put a lot of points into resistance only to find out how much better they could have used those points. This will help some of the new players that do not know what they are doing at the start of the game and make the game more user-friendly.

The controls did feel a little bit clunky at times. Moreover, it would be great if the developers included an option for us to remap them to what we feel like. We need to use a lot of functions in the game and it would be great if we could customize controls to suit our own liking rather than playing the game in an uncomfortable setting.

Lost Izalith was mentioned previously in this article, mainly in the form of how the creators are not changing anything. However, wouldn’t it be amazing if they somehow managed to make this area a little bit better? Even if they just remove some of the tedious walkings from place to place and make the section a little bit better, it would be a huge improvement over the original. Of course, we can only dream.

Lastly, the matchmaking in the original game was totally useless some of the time as those who had experience and knew how to abuse certain mechanics of the game could totally destroy newer players who stood no chance.

We hope that the newly remastered version of Dark Souls fixes this problem and manages to make the multiplayer experience much better all around. The password matchmaking seems like a good step in that direction, now all that we need are a couple of small balancing changes and a better rating system which accurately judges a player’s skill.

That is Everything We Know About Dark Souls Remastered. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!