PlayStation Japan’s New Video Shows Early 2018 Lineup, God of War Still on Track

The new music video is out from PlayStation Japan which showcases some of the new games that we can expect on the PlayStation come 2018. There are a lot of new titles and most of them excite us beyond belief. Based on the video, it can be assumed that there won’t be any delay for God of War

Starting the video, we see the PlayStation logo followed immediately by Monster Hunter World. The game has been long awaited by the fans as the sequel to the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter 2. The game has been long awaited by the mature fans of the community who remember playing the original game in their youth.

After some brief cutscenes, we get to see Kratos and his son wreak havoc in God of War. We have already outlined everything we know about the game, so its better if you check that out to acquaint yourself with what to expect. The game still revolves around Kratos but his son will definitely be playing an integral part in the story, perhaps to become the main character in the next iteration?

Followed by this are two community favorites, Dissidia Final Fantasy along with Detroit: Become Human. Both of these have an immense following and many fans who are low on cash will face a hard time trying to decide which game they want to buy next.

Farcry 5 comes next, continuing on the story lines set by the previous games. Recently, the developers decided to call Far Cry 5 an adventure game which features shooting rather than an outright FPS game. It will be interesting to see what new features they have introduced to support their hypothesis.

Another notable game that appears in the video is Metal Gear Survive. This is the first game of the series which does not have the guidance of the legendary Hideo Kojima. The game also branches out from it’s traditional storyline and instead focuses on a horde survival mentality, where you barricade your base in order to protect yourself from the massive number of enemies attacking you.

Apart from the various different Japan region specific games, we also get to see Dragon Ball Fighter Z. This is another one of those nostalgic hits which will definitely be famous with the PS2 players of the game. As a person whose neighbors were completely obsessed with the franchise back in the day, I can completely understand how this game will become a massive hit.

Apart from these mainstream games, a lot of other games are coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform so gamers can expect a good year ahead of them.

Which game seems to intrigue you the most? Let us know through the comments section below.