It’s Official! DrDisrespect Returns to Twitch Next Month, With His Wife?

After plenty of rumors and speculations, we finally have confirmation that the Slick Daddy is coming back to Twitch Streaming. Yes, DrDisrespect himself return to Twitch streaming next month on February 5. The Doc shared a Rambo-ish video on Twitter to announce his return.

The great news is that it seems his wife and him have sorted things out. The video featured his wife as well, who by the way is being pitched a “deadly assassin.” Let’s take look at the Doc’s video announcement and speculate about things to come.

The Doc has a unique character but upon his return, we should expect some changes to the overall brand. One of the changes seems to be related to his wife. Mrs. Disrespect could be becoming a regular part of his Twitch streams. His wife can be seen sitting on his shoulders, holding a knife to his neck. It seems she’s being introduced as a female assassin character by DrDisrespect and could play a bigger role in his streams.

The Doc’s return is already going to be a celebrated event around the streaming community and we expect the Doc to get even bigger deals for his return stream. Twitch marketers will love a new character alongside the Doc, so it may turn out to be a masterstroke.

This is just speculation at this point but we will know more once DrDisrespect returns.

His return was reported a couple of days ago by SegmentNext. The news came from his Twitch mod who mentioned that the doc is coming back soon. For those who don’t know, DrDisrespect took a break from streaming after confessing to infidelity.

He needed time to focus on his family and make things better before he could return to Twitch. Now that the Doc’s personal affairs are in order, he is coming back to action.