Everything You Need to Know About SpiderMan PS4 – Confirmed Characters, Story, Visual Fidelity

SpiderMan PS4 was first shown at E3 in 2016 and ever since we have been waiting for its release patiently. Now, almost one and a half year later we are still waiting for the game to launch; but we have confirmed the news that 2018 will be the year in which we can see SpiderMan saving New York City once again from bad guys.

We have seen SpiderMan on different adventures ever since the days of PS One and we cannot wait to get back in Spidey’s boots in his latest outing. The current SpiderMan PS4 game is under development at Insomniac Games who have a long history of successful titles under its belt such as the Ratchet and Clank series and the most recent open world game, Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One.

SpiderMan PS4 – What We Know So Far!

Insomniac’s work so far on SpiderMan has been promising and we have high hopes for the game due to what we have seen in the latest trailers from E3 2017 and Paris Games Week. With no exact release date in sight as of now, we can clearly say by Insomniac’s statements that 2018 will be the year in which they will launch SpiderMan.

It is still unknown when exactly will they launch the game so in the meantime while we wait patiently for the game to launch; we have gathered all the available details of SpiderMan PS4 for you so you can have your fill of the web-slinger.

SpiderMan PS4 Story Details

Let us start with the story of the game. It seems that in this adaptation of the SpiderMan, we will not only play as SpiderMan but we’ll also dive deep into the personal life of Peter Parker. Being SpiderMan and a normal person is taking a great toll on Peter Parker and he seems to be having problems while trying to maintain a proper work/life balance.

This is new for a SpiderMan game and we are very excited to actually see Peter Parker like this. This will show a completely new side of everyone’s favorite SpiderMan.

We get to see all this in the latest trailer because once the crime lord of New York City, Fisk is behind bars, thanks to SpiderMan; Peter Parker is trying to figure out what he can do with his life, as SpiderMan is not really the need of the hour.

<em/>SpiderMan PS4
He starts working at a soup store and tries to live a normal citizen’s life but this is SpiderMan we are talking about, his life never goes as planned.

Soon after Fisk is in jail, a new threat emerges in New York; a group of people called Demon appear under the leadership of supervillain Mister Negative. It is now up to SpiderMan to stop Demons and Mister Negative wreaking havoc in New York City.

Confirmed Characters

We see many old faces return in SpiderMan with some new ones as well. As in the trailer, we get to see Aunt May who seems to be working at F.E.A.S.T. where Peter Parker also starts working. Mary Jane Watson also makes an appearance in the trailer and she is working as a reporter for New York’s biggest paper called the Daily Bugle.

The creative director of the game Bryan Intihar mentions that Mary Jane Watson is not just a guest appearance in the game but we will be able to play with her in some special sequences.

We also get a glimpse of Miles Morales who seems to be a good friend of Peter Parker as he brings him to F.E.A.S.T. for working with him. Miles Morales takes the identity of SpiderMan in one of the SpiderMan comics. There is very little known at the moment as to how much will Miles Morales be involved in Peter Parker’s story.

<em/>SpiderMan PS4
There is some very interesting turn of events in the game that we cannot wait to experience. We can also see Shocker in the latest trailer so we can expect SpiderMan battling Shocker as well.

The Notorious Norman Osborn is seeing running for New York’s Mayor, which later becomes Green Goblin. Another important aspect to consider when it comes to the story is that this is not just a SpiderMan game with random facts. Marvel has been completely involved in the development of the game with Insomniac Games so all facts about characters and story are accurate and are depicted exactly as they are in the Marvel Universe.

All these characters combined in a single open world game are bound to give users the most authentic SpiderMan experience as of yet.

Gameplay Details

Coming to the main course of SpiderMan, the gameplay looks promising and we see the introduction of some QTE events especially when SpiderMan tries to save the citizens from webbing the helicopter between some buildings and stopping the train from killing some civilians.

Judging from the trailers, the combat system looks highly derived from the combat system of Batman series games. We have the option of going in stealth as well along with that; we also have the ability to use the environment to our advantage.

Being an open-world game, SpiderMan has a lot of options that it can achieve and look at the trailers we can say that Insomniac games have learned a lot from its previous titles. Sunset Overdrive was also an open world game and it was big.

<em/>SpiderMan PS4

We have official words from Insomniac’s team that the world of SpiderMan is almost five to six times bigger than Sunset Overdrive’s world. This gives us a huge playground to test out the gameplay mechanics of SpiderMan. We will have plenty of structures to swing between and climb on.

Another question here is that since we will be able to swing across all the map, how effective will be the web attaching feature because most of the times the web will land on a unique place. This has been taken care of by Insomniac by creating a web anchor nearly everywhere allowing us to freely use web swinging literally everywhere in the game. This is a very big feature when comparing to old SpiderMan games.


Visually the game looks amazing on PS4. It fully supports advanced visual features on PS4 Pro with 4K visuals looking crisp and smooth gameplay even with excess activity on the screen. The trailers show a lot of on-screen action with explosions and action-packed sequences and they look pretty sweet.

For an open-world game, Insomniac has given a lot of attention when it comes to even the smallest of details. Even the SpiderMan himself looks amazing. He appears to be wearing a new suit that looks amazing. It features bigger spider logos and they are also white.

The details of the suit are also very high. Considering the game is open world and we will be allowed to swing almost everywhere, it poses a big challenge for Insomniac to adjust the graphic details on every building and structure in New York City because they need to look good once you are climbing and swinging on them. From the trailers, we can already see that Insomniac has worked very hard to cater to each little detail.

Explosions are huge, enemy character details and inside the structures, we see a lot of good and visually crisp details. On PS4 Pro, we will be able to see SpiderMan utilize all its hardware capabilities to deliver the best New York experience.

<em/>SpiderMan PS4
With quick transition between swings and QTE events, it is necessary that the gameplay is smooth and there are no stutters whatsoever. Loading and screen transition stutters will ruin the gameplay because SpiderMan PS4 also features some QTE events. So far, the videos from the short demo and trailers look very promising and we cannot wait to play the game.

Update: Spiderman PS4 did not go through any downgrade since its reveal, according to Insomniac Games. Ubisoft games set a trend for pre-release graphical downgrade thanks to the release of The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

So it was natural to worry about other developers doing the same. Spiderman PS4 looked amazing when it was first shown and many were expecting a downgrade. Thankfully, Insomniac confirmed that there won’t be a downgrade so fans can rest assured.

SpiderMan PS4 is coming exclusively on PS4 and it is slated to release in 2018 so far. Let us hope that we do not have to wait another year for its release.

This year’s E3 will be a turning point for SpiderMan PS4 as we expect to see more details about the game and hopefully, a demo should be announced for the public as well so that everyone can experience the new SpiderMan before its official launch. We have high hopes for Insomniac Games that they will not disappoint the fans after waiting for a long time.

Release Date (Update)

After so many rumors and speculations, Spiderman PS4 release date has finally been confirmed. According to Insomniac Games, Spiderman PS4 is heading to our way on September 7, 2018.   The game is available to pre-order with exclusive costumes as pre-order incentives.

Later this year we will get to see and know more of the game. For now, this is all we have.