11 Things About Sony’s Venom Movie That Have Us Concerned

Sony’s Venom movie was announced out of the blue to be released on October 5, 2018. Amid a flurry of disbelief and excitement, there were so many questions about who, what, and why? In the world brimming with superhero movies, Sony’s Venom movie feels to be in the right place but at the wrong time. Sure there’s going to be Tom Hardy involved in the titular role but we still are rather concerned about this new entry.

Sony’s Involvement
The foremost thing that has our concerns raising is Sony’s involvement in the movie. Sony has no good track record with the franchise, with Spider-Man 3 being a sad affair for the fans. The sole reason was that the reigns were taken away from director Sam Raimi and Sony wanted to captain the helm- only to introduce Venom. Moreover, the fourth installment of Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise was canceled just for an entire franchise reboot that also landed forefront after the second movie. Afterwards, Marvel got the rights to Spider-Man back and released Spider-Man: Homecoming that we all chimed in; that’s how it’s done. Prior to that, it all seemed like Sony was trying to push characters and the franchise only to create a Venom movie.

Feels Rushed
Along the same lines, this sudden announcement, way before Spider-Man: Homecoming was even released, makes one think as if Sony is rushing to create an MU of their own before even coaxing Venom into our lives. Peter Parker’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War was an amazing introduction, leading to an associated storyline in the franchise reboot unlike what Sony is doing with Venom. All we have to go by is Topher Grace’s rather “forced” Venom in Spider-Man 3 and if anything, that isn’t a rather impressive foundation for the lethal symbiote and the host.

Venom’s Personality Will Be Changed
It’s a given that Sony’s Venom NEEDS to be R-rated because Venom is not your everyday hero/anti-hero type. Venom is the product of a violence loving alien symbiote that is living its malicious fantasies off of Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) and that is what we all are expecting to see, not some vanilla version of Venom that will be toned down. Considering that it’s a solo film, it’s more than possible that Sony’s Venom will portray either an internal or external battle of symbiote vs the host just to push the agenda that Venom is after all a good guy.

The Vibe Will Be Altered
With the maliciousness and pure brute out of the character, Sony’s Venom movie will have the vibe going down the same road as the fallen Spider-Man movies. Just like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where a ton of emotionalism laced with unnecessary backstory made the movie lose its sense, if all we get is vanilla Venom who is fighting the symbiote while proving his humanity to us audiences then be prepared to have the entire vibe of it tarnished.

Producer’s Intentions
Avi Arad is among the producers for Sony’s Venom movie, the man who produced the first Iron Man and Incredible Hulk with Feige. He also was a producer and primary member for The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Now he’s back on board with Sony and because, in his own words, “Venom sells toys”. It’s clear that movie business is a business at the end of the day but it shouldn’t be at the expense of a well loved character.

For The Sake of Starting A Franchise
And in the wake of hero movie franchises, Sony’s Venom is intended to be the start of a franchise as well. Because even Sony confirmed its future plans of releasing a second part to a yet unreleased movie as Columbia Pictures President Sanford Panitch hinted that future Venom movies could crossover to Spidey universe. But this is not how franchises, sequels are made. Take John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, heck even Austin Powers movies- these franchises are the true definition of a franchise. Fans loved the first part and welcomed the sequels while asking for more. When the start of an expected franchise is bad then there it all goes down the drain.

Will Create A MCU Vacuum
It has been confirmed that Sony’s Venom will have nothing to do with Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe. Even though there have been reports of Tom Holland being seen on the set, but with no link or association to Spidey world, it can go on either end of the spectrum. It can be a disaster that was Halle Berry’s solo Catwoman or the legendary success that was Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogies.

Comic Book Accuracy
And why this detachment from Spider-Man is such a concern because in the comic books, the origin of Venom is directly linked to Spider-Man because when the symbiote lands on Earth then it bonds to Peter Parker. Leading to the origination of the Spider-Man with a dark, black suit who fights off the symbiote only to have it later find a new host, i.e Eddie Brock. Even though Tom Holland was seen on set (yippee kay yay), it doesn’t mean that the origin story will remain the same. Rather, we’ll end up seeing a heavily altered version of it.

The screenplay for Venom has three screenwriters; Scott Rosenberg, Kelly Marcel, and Jeff Pinkner. Amazing Spider-Man 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, The 5th Wave, Fifty Shades of Grey, and The Dark Tower are some of the movies credited between them. It’s safe to say that these writers don’t have blockbusters to their name that will give us any hope for Sony’s Venom.

Villain As A Central Role
Even if the story arc is remained same, then we have never seen any villain as a central role because no movie will let a protagonist remain a villain but will change its character into a positive one at the end. For Sony to pull it off will be a real challenge.

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