New Tomb Raider Movie Takes Several Scenes and Plot Points From Latest Tomb Raider Games

The first trailer from last year made it evident that the live action Tomb Raider movie would be taking a few pages from the recent games. The second trailer, released earlier today, reflects on the same fact and perhaps more.

It was already suggested that director Roar Uthaug has taken great inspiration from Crystal Dynamics and the two installments put out by the developer in recent years.

There are several major scenes and moments in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie that have been taken directly from the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot game. In addition, there are various elements that have been borrowed from the 2015 sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, as well.

The faithfulness to the franchise has to be commended because the portrayal has been conducted with great accuracy.

Those who have played through both games will be easily able to point out the similarities. In fact, some of the cinematic sequences may even fool you into believing that they were picked right out of the reboot.

The Parachute Crash
The latest trailer offered a glimpse of Lara Croft parachuting and then ultimately crashing into the treetops. This was a segment in the game as well.

The Deadly River Slide
The latest trailer saw Lara Croft jumping into a raging river that leads to the edge of a waterfall. The game also featured a similar level where players had to guide the protagonist through the rapids and away from jagged rocks and pointy tree trunks.

The World War II Plane
The latest trailer featured a skeleton of an abandoned World War II plane, tipping at the edge of a waterfall. This was there in the game as well. The only difference is that the plane was half-way down the waterfall, hanging from protruding vines and rockery.

The Japanese Temple
The latest trailer saw the excavation team discover the remains of a decrepit Japanese temple. These were found in abundance in the game, with the main–hidden–antagonist hailing from the same roots as well.

The Golden Sarcophagus
The latest trailer featured a mysterious sarcophagus that is covered in disc-shaped golden symbols. If you were to take these carvings as a reference to the sun, then the Tomb Raider movie could very well be including a supernatural element.

The ruthless Japanese Sun Queen Himiko was revealed to be the actual antagonist at the end of the game. She had been transferring her soul into a new body through the generations until the ritual went wrong. Her soul then became trapped on the island, without a host, and began causing thunderstorms in anger.

The Pickaxe Stunt
The latest trailer confirmed that Lara Croft will be wielding the signature pickaxe. One particular scene where she jumped to hang on to a wall is pretty similar to what happened in the sequel of the 2013 reboot game. The only difference is the terrain.

The Mention of Trinity
The latest trailer confirmed that the Order of the Trinity will be acting as the main antagonist in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. They are an ancient militant organization that seeks to acquire mythical relics of supernatural power and use them to annihilate civilizations.

“There is an organization called Trinity,” Lord Richard Croft narrated in the trailer. “It is looking to start a global genocide.”

We still do not know what artifact everyone will be chasing after and whether it will hold any supernatural aspect or not. In the 2013 reboot game, Lara Croft discovered a ritual for immortality and a lost soul that was causing raging storms on the island.

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