Check Out The Opening Cinematic For Upcoming Shadow Of War DLC, “Blade of Galadriel”

Shadow Of War launched last year with mixed reception and since then developer Monolith Productions has supported the game with new content and DLC and with Shadow Of War DLC, Blade of Galadriel, coming next month, the studio has revealed the opening cinematic for Shadow Of War Blade of Galadriel DLC.

Given that Blade of Galadriel DLC continues the story from where Shadow Of War left, the cinematic has some spoilers. The Shadow Of War DLC will see Eltariel being sent back into action to finish what she started and as you can see in the cinematic she isn’t particularly pleased by this.

It will be interesting to see how the DLC will conclude Eltariel’s story as she just wants to home. Check out the opening cinematic below.

In related news, Shadow Of War reportedly failed to meet sales expectations of its publisher Warner Bros. According to the report, sales were only a fraction of what Arkham Knight went on to sell at launch back in 2015.

The report further suggests that pre-orders for the game were more than what Arkham Knight but, seems that Shadow Of War couldn’t manage to appeal to a wider audience.

Furthermore, a majority of pre-orders might be digital only which are not included in the figure. Also, 39% of sales for Shadow Of War were on Xbox One. Furthermore, the game was even behind its predecessor, Shadow Of War for its launch week.

However, given that Shadow of War launched for PC and current-gen consoles unlike the Shadow of Mordor which also launched for Legacy consoles along with current-gen consoles and PC, it explains the relatively lower sales compared to its predecessor.

Shadow Of War is third-person action RPG developed by Monolith Productions for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.