“I Am Not Deaf” To The Meme About Lack Of Xbox One First-Party Titles, Says Phil Spencer

Microsoft has been a victim of criticism over the lack of solid first-party titles as there are few and far between, however, the company is changing all that and is investing in more first-party titles and now Phil Spencer has noted that there is a need for investing in Xbox One first-party titles.

Speaking with Gamesbeat, Phil Spencer noted that he is aware of the meme regarding the lack of Xbox One first-party titles and the company’s need to invest more in it. He assured that the company is investing in first-party titles and will continue to invest more.

I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more. Definitely, we are at a point where we’re investing more and we’ll continue to do that.

He added that Xbox has a plan and he personally feels really good about the plan and noted the decisions they make from now will be very crucial in deciding the future of Xbox One.

“When I look at Matt and his responsibility with his team, it’s about charting our future in first-party content. I feel like with each one of the leaders we have, there’s an existing plan, and I feel good about that plan, but we know that the plan all-up for studios is expanding. Having Matt’s leadership there in navigating the expansion, what bets we make, the teams we bet on, the teams we create, is going to be critical.”

It seems that Microsoft has sees the error of ways which is not focusing on the first-party titles at least not as much as Sony has paid attention to it.

However, according to Spencer himself, the Microsoft has signed deals with a lot of studios for Xbox One first-party games which will be revealed in 2-3 years.

Microsoft launched Xbox One X back in November 2017, however, the console can’t have any exclusive as any game released for Xbox One X must be released for Xbox One and One S.

According to Frozenbyte, Microsoft is basically stopping devs from making Xbox One X exclusives that the console otherwise might be getting as there are developers who like to develop games exclusively for Xbox One X.

Do you feel that Microsoft is actually looking to expand its portfolio of first-party titles? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamesbeat