Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha Gets A Confirmed Date By Crytek

Crytek’s upcoming horror-hunting game Hunt: Showdown is getting a closed alpha, and Crytek has announced a date for it. The alpha will be taking place on January 31, and will be happening on Steam. Players will be testing the gameplay, backend functionality, and balancing. The Hunt: Showdown closed alpha testers will be from a pre-chosen list.

Hunt: Showdown is an Evolve-like game where a secret order of hunters travel across the back swamps of Louisiana in order to hunt down a variety of otherworldy monsters that haunt the backwoods. Players take their gear to kill the monster, but they have to be careful; dying to the monster will strip you of your character and gear, and the monsters aren’t the only threat, as other hunters will also be searching for the creature.

The game was previously titled as “Hunt: Horrors of the Golden Age”, but it seems like Crytek has since changed the name and its setups. However, the otherworldly horrors in the late 1800s remain the same.

From what we’ve seen from the gameplay the game looks amazing, and plays like a less science-fiction based, darker version of Evolve, but hopefully this game will be more successful than Evolve, which went free to play and then was apparently shut down due to a sharp dropoff in player numbers.

Each of the monsters that players will be fighting will have their own ways to either fight back against you or to avoid you entirely, such as being able to create zombies from slaughtered farmhands, hide in the darkness, and more. These, coupled with the other hunters that you’ll have to fight to keep your prize, are sure to make every hunt a challenge.

You can try and sign up for the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha on the game’s official website, but whether you’ll get chosen for it is another story. Once again the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha will be coming on January 31.