Final Fantasy 15 PC Edition Gets Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses

The Final Fantasy 15 PC edition will be getting exclusive pre-order bonuses for players who decide to buy the game before it releases on March 6 of this year. The bonuses include numerous packs that will make your characters stronger, new clothes to wear in the game, but the bonuses depend on where you buy it.

If you buy the game on the Windows Store, the game will include the Powerup Pack, which helps to make your characters stronger. If you buy the game off of Steam, you’ll be getting the Costume Pack instead, which has a number of different clothing options for Noctis and the others. If you buy the Origin version of the game, you’ll get the Decal collection, which allows you to spruce up the Regalia.

While none of these might be enough to get you to pre-order the Final Fantasy 15 PC edition, either way that you slice it you’re going to be getting a graphically impressive and great Final Fantasy game, along with all of its DLC whether it’s sold separately or included with the game’s PC version. That’s not even getting into the other content that will be coming this year.

All of these bonuses, however, don’t come with a pre-order of the Final Fantasy 15 PC edition’s physical version. While you might not even buy physical copies of PC games anymore, all of the pre-order bonuses are only available if you buy the game online on Origin, Steam, or the Windows Store.

Along with supporting native 4K or 8K resolution, the game also comes with several new additions, including a first-person mode, mod support, and more. However, Hajime Tabata has said that the ability to mod the PC version of the game is entirely based on the modder’s good behavior; that means no nude mods or anything else that might be bad.

Once again, the game will be releasing on March 6 both physically and on Origin, Steam, and the Windows Store.