Colossus and Kitty Pryde From X-Men Are Getting Married This Year

It was back in November when Marvel teased that a “wedding of the century” would be taking place for a lucky couple from the X-Men this year. We can finally start getting our formal garbs readied because the reception is due in a few months.

Colossus, the Russian powerhouse that is able to transform his body into hardened metal, and Kitty Pryde, the cheerful shadowcat that is able to phase through objects, are now officially engaged. She proposed in issue #20 of X-Men Gold this week after a dangerous encounter in the Negative Zone nearly killed her husband-to-be.

The road to the altar has been bumpy for the two fan-favorite mutants. The romance has been there since the two were introduced to the franchise more than two decades back. However, they have often ended up on the fences. Collosus, for example, became involved with Domino for a brief time. Kitty Pryde actually joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and got engaged to Star-Lord himself.

When Marc Guggenheim began penning X-Men Gold last year, it was ultimately decided that the two should be finally united in holy matrimony. It really looks like that nothing will be stopping those wedding bells from ringing this year. That being said, weddings for superheroes seldom take place without something out of the ordinary happening.

Colossus and Kitty Pryde are slated to get married in June when issue #30 releases for the ongoing bi-monthly series.