Best PS4 Deals: $100 Off PS4 1TB Battlefront 2 Bundle, And More

2018 is starting to be a good year for the PlayStation 4 users. The competition is tough as usual with the but PS4 is miles ahead of the rest. Seeing the popularity of PS4 and its great potientiel for sales, retailers are offering variosu kinds of deals on PS4 games, hardware, and more.

Who wouldn’t want $100 off of PS4 TB Star Battlefront 2 bundle? Well, Amazon and GameStop is offering great discounts that should definatily check out. Here are the best PS4 deals today.

PlayStation VR- Skyrim Bundle

Will it be not awesome to play Skyrim on a VR? Just feel the intensity and all that blood pumping when a dragon approaching you. This amazing bundle includes a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Controllers and a Skyrim VR game.

Buy From AmazonSkyrim VR Bundle – $ 378 39

PS4 Pro 1TB Star Wars BattleFront 2 Limited Edition Bundle

Become the hero of the galaxy in the Star Wars BattleFront 2. As you decide whether to fight off the Empire or Crush the Rebel Alliance the choice is yours. Feel the epic gameplay as you will battle in a ground assault or in a aerial combat. Enjoy this on a 1TB PlayStation 4 console with a matching dual shock wireless controller.

Buy From GameStopPS4 Console + Star Wars BattleFront – $399.99 ($100 off)

PlayStation 4 1TB Console Survival Bundle

This amazing bundle has a lot of surprises for you. It contains a PS4 1TB Call of Duty: Black Ops III console, Fallout 4 and ResidentEvil: Revelations. All of these are Pre-owned.

Buy From GameStop PlayStation 4 1TB – $269.99

Thrustmaster T80 RS Officially licensed Racing Wheel

This is the first ever officially licensed racing wheel that was created for the PS4 racing games. The grip of the wheel is coated with a rubber texture for a smooth racing experience. Other features include 11 actions buttons, 2 pedal set with adjustable inclination angle and a footrest.

Buy From AmazonRacing Wheel – $99.99

DualShock Wireless Controller for PS4

Features include a full multi-touch and clickable touch pad on the face of the controller. Also includes a built-in speaker and a stereo headset jack giving more audio options to you. Better Sensitivity of analog sticks and much more.

Buy From AmazonWireless Controller – $40.94

VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset

This stereo headset includes a Led Light, MIC and can be attached to PS4, Xbox One, PC, iPad, Smart Phones.

Buy From AmazonStereo Gaming Headset – $25.99

Now we will be coming to the Gaming Section.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War is the sequel of Shadow of Mordor the winner of over 50 industry awards. The storyline of the game revolves around Talion and Celebrimbor who will build up an army using the new forged Ring of Power and fight of against the armies of the Dark Lord, Sauron.

Buy From GameStopMiddleEarth: Shadow of War – $39.99

Until Dawn

A drama survival story adventure that revolves around eight teenagers who decided to have a holiday in a cabin on the Blackwood mountain. The group finds themselves attacked by someone and must survive one way or the other. You will have control over all the teenagers and every decision you make will determine the outcome.

Buy From GameStop –  Until Dawn – $29.99

Monster Hunter: World PS4 Standard Edition

You will play as a hunter in this game and will be given a task to explore a new continent called “New World”. Collect loot from the monsters and enemies you slay. You can invite three other players to assist you if the task is proving to be too much difficult for you.

Buy From AmazonMonster Hunter – $59.88

God of War III Remastered

The Remastered version of the God Of War 3 featuring more in-depth battles and a dynamic environment including a detailed version of Mt. Olympus and Tartarus.

Buy From AmazonGod of War 3 remastered – $19.99

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