Ark Survival Evolved Patch 1.59 Has Been Released For The Playstation 4

Studio Wildcard has released Ark Survival Evolved Patch 1.59 for the Playstation 4, getting a number of different adjustments, bug fixes, and content additions. This is the first patch of the new year for the game, and it has a lot of new fixes to come with it in the future.

New features include the ability to place tree platforms on desert plateaus, veins of oil and water now being visible along with metal and obsidian deposits, and new vista locations and explorable canyons for you to discover. You’ll also get new weather types, including lightning storms, so if you’re traveling across the desert, be careful.

When it comes to spawning, Ark Survival Evolved patch 1.59 will be increasing the number of Spino spawns, decreasing the amount of Coel in the oceans, new Giga spawn locations, and more Wyvern spawns, which will in turn increase the amount of eggs that are spawned.

Along with all of the spawning and additions to the actual map, the game will also be getting hundreds of bug fixes in Ark Survival Evolved patch 1.59. These include bugs about grass, floating foliage, dungeon exploits, and more. That’s also likely not all that’s included in this patch.

Ark Survival Evolved has been out since August of last year when it came to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC after two years in early access. The game had first gotten attention with its trailers, showing players being able to ride dinosaurs, use rocket launchers and assault rifles, and more, allowing you to form tribes with other players to work together in order to survive.

If you have the game on Playstation 4, you can log on now and download Ark Survival Evolved patch 1.59 and see how much the game has improved for yourself. Hopefully soon Studio Wildcard will think of more ways to make the game even better. To see the full patch notes, follow this link.