Her Infernal Descent Reimagines Dante’s Inferno and Creates New Hell for Modern-Day Plights

The gruelling journey from Dante’s Inferno has been reimagined numerous times over the decades. Her Infernal Descent from AfterShock Comics is yet another take on the same setting. However, the main difference lies in the narration being moved to behind the loving eyes of a middle-aged mother.

She, unable to cope with the burden of grief, decides to descend into the nine concentric circles of torment to retrieve her forsaken family. The ghosts of William Blake and Agatha Christie help guide her way through a different form of hell for the modern audience. This updated underworld takes on new plights that the team of writers from Black Mask Studios believes will connect with current-age readers.

“We really took a deep dive into Dante’s Inferno and thought about how we could make this hellish landscape of sin relevant in a world where traditional, biblical sins have become commonplace,” writer Lonnie Nadler told CBR in a recent interview. “This allows us to dive into things like online dating, the foodie lifestyle, self-obsession, sexual ideologies, politics, literacy, and so on.

“We’re really excited about getting to create our own version of hell and we promise it’s like nothing people have ever seen before. It’s not just eternal fires and rotting bodies, but there’s a much weirder spin on this underworld as the series moves forward.”

Her Infernal Descent is scheduled to debut in the coming months and will be a five-part series. The first issue will be available for purchase on April 18. It features writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, artist Kyle Charles, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Ryan Ferrier.