Gamers Paid Over 70% More for PUBG Early Bird Key, Tricked Into Paying More?

PUBG Early Bird Key is used to open Gamescom Invitational Crates as well as the new Desperado Crates. The Early Bird Key is available at the Steam Marketplace for little over $3. However, since the Early Bird Key was introduced, the price went as far as $9.07 in the Steam Marketplace.

PUBG players bought thousands of keys for as low as $3.01 and as high as $9.07 in the past week. According to the Steam Marketplace data, it seems sellers have made thousands of dollars overall just by selling these keys.

Steam Chart

It makes little sense that players would pay so much money for the Early Bird Key. The Key in question costs $2.5 which is exactly the amount players should be playing to grab the key. However, it seems they are unaware of the fact that the key is actually available inside the game itself.

How to Buy Early Bird Key for $2.5? 

Go to the rewards section from your UI and look at the top right corner. You will see a key icon along with a + sign. Hit the sign and you will be taken to the Steam app where you can complete the transaction. One key cost $2.5 and the price remains the same for the following key as well if you wish to make another purchase. Unlike the crates, where the price goes up for each crate you buy e.g 700BP, 1400BP, 2800BP.

Either there is something we don’t understand about how the key and the Steam Marketplace works or players are just flat-out unaware of the fact that the key is available inside the game itself for 27% of the price they paid before the price dipped.

We expect to go back up again but we hope this article helps players save money and be aware of the situation.

Like I mentioned above, the key opens the Desperado and Gamescom invitational Crate. Both are rare, in fact, the later is no longer available in the game so spending money to that makes sense as it may drop something valuable or the price of the crate may go up, allowing you to sell it at a profit.

As far as PUBG Early Bird Key goes, we recommend buying it from the game’s UI so you aren’t ripped off.

Also, do let us know if you have a better explanation as to why Steam users are paying extra for these keys; we will adjust the article accordingly. Take to the comments with your views.

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