Doctor Strange Wears the New Robes of an Asgardian God (Latest Issue)

Doctor Strange has gone through several costumes over the years in his quest to serve the title of Sorcerer Supreme across different universes. However, what kind of robes would he wear to reflect divinity in the planes of magic?

That is a question fans have been pondering over since the last issue was released in December. Here is where you must be warned against possible spoilers. Look elsewhere, if you are yet to catch up to the recent issues in the ongoing arc.

In his mission to defeat Loki, Doctor Strange turns to Yggdrasil in Asgard for help. The world tree agrees to the proposition, and after receiving a sacrifice, bestows him with the magical powers of a god.

In the latest issue, we finally get to see Doctor Strange receive a massive upgrade to his wardrobe. He has been transformed into something more than just a human being, both in mind and body. The image below will better reflect on the new powers obtained by the fan-favorite sorcerer.

It would not be wrong to say that the new staff and robes make Doctor Strange worthy to rule Asgard. As if the notion crossed his mind, he also reminds Loki in this specific scene to “Get the Hel” out of his house.

Unfortunately, the new powers were not permanent. They soon left Doctor Strange and took away the divine costume in the process. Even worse, he later becomes consumed by the Void and takes a dark path for something sinister.

Issue #384 for Doctor Strange, written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Gabriel Hernandez Walta, is now available for purchase.