Two Point Hospital Is The Spiritual Successor Of Theme Hospital And Will Be Available On Steam This Year

2018 is going to be a huge year for the gaming industry, so big that even Theme Hospital is coming back. A spiritual successor of our favorite hospital simulator is coming to PC via Steam this Fall with the name Two Point Hospital and is more than a fan could ever ask.

Two Point Hospital has taken the name of its developer studio, Two Point Studios which, thankfully, is founded by Theme Hospital architects Mark Webley and Gary Carr. Given their experience and the fact that developing tools have become much more generous than when Theme Hospital was released in 1997, we expect it to be our next favorite simulator.

What we could all remember from Theme Hospital are all the weird diseases the patients came in with. Transparency, Uncommon cold, and Chronic Nosehair were just some of the bizarre illnesses the doctors in Theme Hospital could treat. Two Point Hospital follows the same pattern as its reveal trailer indicates.

In it, a guy that suffers from Lightheadedness has his head turned into a lightbulb (that was a pun we can agree was on-point) and needs medical treatment at Two Point Hospital. The cartoony wide-jawed characters and the humorous lines the doctor throws during the trailer is a good indicator of how the game is not just a simple hospital simulation title.

If you are interested in buying the game when it releases then you should head to its website and sign up with your Steam credentials to get eligible for a Hospital Pass which will grand you an exclusive in-game item and access to trailers that will get released in the future.

To sum up, Two Point Hospital is developed by Two Point Studios and released by Sega as a spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital. The game will be available for PC through Steam this Fall.

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