Sony Announces Shadow Of The Colossus Photo Mode For Remaster

The remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus will allow players to experience the game’s beautiful landscape all over again, and will be able to take screenshots as well with the Shadow of the Colossus photo mode that will also be getting added to the remaster of the timeless classic.

Shadow of the Colossus takes place in the “Sacred Lands” of the game’s world, which is forbidden to people in the game world but is a place that most people don’t want to leave. Whether it’s the game’s iconic bridge, the huge areas that you battle each of the Colossi in, or even just the vast, trackless plains that you ride across on Agro, there’s going to be a lot of players you might want to take pictures of.

And that’s to say nothing of the Colossi themselves, who will now be re-rendered in glorious 4K at 60 frames per second, and thus will look even better and even more awe-inspiring than they originally did, and that’s saying something.

From the massive tower Colossus that is Malus, to the flying serpent Phalanx, to the horselike Phaedra, all of them can now be photographed with the new Shadow of the Colossus photo mode.

The photo mode is also very detailed; in addition to just taking photographs, players can also put on filters, use color balancing on the shadows and highlights, and even control the depth of field. You’ll be able to be like a real photographer, and be able to take some really good photos.

Either way, the Shadow of the Colossus photo mode will be available in the game when it comes out on February 6 of this year. With Monster Hunter World coming out shortly before then on January 26, players who buy both games will be able to do a lot of monster killing over the next few months.