Nintendo to Announce a “New Way to Play,” Won’t be VR Support

Nintendo is going to announce a “New Way to Play” in a matter of hours. According to the company, they are bringing something for the kids and those who are kids at heart. There are many speculations about it being a new game but a new game doesn’t fit with a “New Way to Play” tease.

One thing we can be sure about is that it won’t be a VR experience of any kind. Although Nintendo filed a patent for a VR device last month, the company has already explicitly stated that it is not interested in VR for Nintendo Switch.

VR market is being dominated by Sony right now thanks to the PS4’s overwhelming sales. Also, Nintendo Switch hardware isn’t capable enough to provide a decent VR experience; something that even the most powerful PCs struggle with.

VR space is not something Nintendo is planning to penetrate.

If you look at VR headsets, I doubt they can appeal to the mainstream. Consumers are not patient with entertainment if you’re not able to deliver an all-inclusive package.

As far as 4K is concerned, is it useful to invest in a technology that has not been adopted by the majority? Where are 4K TVs now? Is it a good idea to invest in a technology before consumers do? We can’t invest in everything. And what novelty would we bring compared to our competitors?

If we do the exact same thing that everyone else, we’re bound to die because we are smaller than them. With the Switch, we offer different uses, adapted to players’ pace of life. Its advantage is being able to fit into your daily life.

Whatever Nintendo is planning for Nintendo Switch (we aren’t really sure if it is for Nintendo Switch, to be clear) isn’t going to be for everyone. As Nintendo stated, this is for the kids and those who are kids at heart.

While we do not think a new game will be announced, some are speculating the reveal of Pokemon for Nintendo switch. We have heard that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

What do you think Nintendo is going to announce? Do you think it’s a new game? Let us know in the comments below.