The Hardy Boys And More Are New WWE 2K18 Characters

If you’re a fan of wrestlers like the Hardy Boyz, Beth Phoenix, and the Rock ‘n Roll Express, then the just-released DLC pack for WWE 2K18 is for you. The update will be adding in all of the above as new WWE 2K18 characters as part of the Enduring Icons DLC pack.

These groups will be the latest being added to the game since it released back in October. A variety of other downloadable characters are all either on their way or have already been released for the game, including Aleister Black, Lars Sullivan, Ruby Riot, and Elias.

WWE 2K18 already has a wide variety of different wrestlers and characters in its roster, and adding the new WWE 2K18 characters to the roster will only expand it and allow people who are fans of all of those wrestlers and teams to finally take them into the ring.

Considering the game already had 200 different wrestlers available for you to play, the traditional WWE madness can only go up as each of the new WWE 2K18 characters is made available to players. With legends like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, and more, there’s literally hundreds of different options for you to play in any type of match.

While WWE 2K18 has gotten somewhat mixed reviews from various outlets since it was released, at least 2K is still supporting it, especially since the WWE games are one of their cash cow franchises as one of the more popular sport games.

While this is something that’s bound to happen, especially when a single studio is making a game every year, the past few years has seen 2K’s WWE games get middling reviews repeatedly. With luck, 2K will eventually be able to make the game high quality enough that they get high reviews like other well-known sports franchises like FIFA and Madden.