Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition Seems Proper PC Port, Things You Should Know

The release date for the Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition is finally out. We now have more details about the game including space it will take on your hard drive and the system required to run it smoothly.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition has been long awaited. Moreover, Square Enix recently confirmed that the PC version would be ‘Super Powered’. Meaning it will have that extra oomph that a powerful PC can provide. They are calling the game Windows Edition as a way to mention that it was specifically built for the PC.

The version will release on Mar. 06, 2018. And while the company has always mentioned the longevity of porting such a massive game, it rightly took them 13 months to release it on the PC.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition

The minimum requirements are met by an i5-2500, GTX 760 along with 8GB of RAM and 100 GB Hard Drive while the recommended settings are met by an i7-3770, GTX 1050 and a RAM of 16 GB.

Since there is also a 4K HDR version, you can use that if you have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with a similar CPU, RAM but a GTX 1080 Ti and 155 GB of hard disk space. Along with this, the developers have added a first-person mode to the PC version so that you can look at those beautiful graphics from your own point of view.

There is further confirmation of mod support which will definitely tantalize the modders so be ready to expect some really amazing mods for the game. However, that might not be necessary, as there is a lot of bonus content that comes with the game.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition

All of the DLCs released for the consoles until the point of release will be available in the Windows Edition. The ones after that will probably be available for the same price as the console versions. Therefore, you will be able to play all 3 of the additional stories and the Comrades Expansion content upon release.

As for the price, the game will be available for $50 and will be purchasable through both the Steam and Origin. The same edition with all of the DLCs will also be available on consoles for the same price.

It is titled the Royal Edition for the consoles. Alternatively, you can buy the $20 Royal Pack if you already own the game on consoles prior to the launch.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition

The word from Square Enix is that they plan on releasing further DLCs for the game this year, definitely something that interests us quite a bit! Keep an eye out, as we will continuously update you with any new developments regarding the game.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition: Windows Edition is planned to release on Mar. 06, 2018.